Liams Love

hey its me rose i am 19 i love singing,dancing,reading,writing and ONE DIRECTION!!! i am your average 19 year old i like Liam and i love everyone in his band not just him thought what happens when i meet him find out in Liams Love


1. birthday suprize

      Rose pov.                                      

     Wake up birthday girl!! I heard my mom say (i thought that was so childish). Ya fine whatever mom. I wake up and i get in my favorite dress blue,sparkly, and long i take it off the hook and undress then I put it on and walk out my door. My friend was already there we "wow!! you look great" Zoe said "thanks" i said back. we just hanged out and talked partied and danced.


     It was time to eat cake i had a small cake since it was only me her and my family after we ate the cake it was time for me to open the gift's "OH OH MINE FIRST" Zoe loudly said "okay" I said so I unwrapped a small purple bow to see three tickets laying there to go see one direction!! "OMG I LOVE YOU THX SO MUCH ZOE!!" I said with excitement we started to jump up and down smiling and never stopped smiling. then my mom said "time to open the rest" mom said. The other things I got were a long dress and some black heels. After a while it was ten o'clock p.m. so it was bedtime


     The day i have been waiting for ever since one direction was a band today was the day that a meet one direction!! I shot up and when't to get dressed i put on the red dress and the black heels a little make-up (not really a fan of make-up thought.) And walked out the door to see that Zoe was waiting in her car. I ran up to her and got in she was so happy i was to. Looking at the tickets and then something caught my eyes VIP!! i was so so so happy now (like i was not already as happy as ever lol .)


      we ran out of the scar and she locked it we ran and there they were Niall,Louis,Liam,zayn,and Harry!!    

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