Family stranger


1. The meet.

It's odd. You should know you're family more than anyone. Be able to trust them , love them, care for them. I didn't for him. He was just a stranger. I could have passed him in the street and I wouldn't have thought twice. How could he call me family?

I looked at him and he looked back blankly. I had so much planned to say to him, so many questions I had to ask, but as he stood silently in front of me I forgot every single one.

He was taller than me, slightly paler aswell, not that I thought that was ever possible. He had dark mid length hair that looked like it would tickle his forehead. His eyes were bright blue, like mine, the only similarity I could notice between us . His eyes were full of curiosity, I could see him mentally trying to suss me out, just like I was him. He wore a grey simple hoodie with simple jeans and converses, there was no bracket I could simply place him under. I struggled working out his personality at fist looking at him, he was just so plain.

"It's weird isn't it?" I asked him, making polite conversation

"What is?" He asked bluntly, without much emotion

"Well, you know, meeting after all these years"

"Yes. I suppose it is. I'm sorry. I've forgotten your name?"

The irony that he had to ask my name just confirmed that he was just a stranger to me. I wasn't sure how I was ever going to be able to view this boy as a family member. I felt disappointed. I assumed it would be a fairytale ending where we would meet and suddenly bond as brother and sister as if we had never been separated. It was clear that that wasn't going to be the case.

"Amy. You're Steven right?"

He nodded

"Look. I can see you feel uncomfortable. I do too. But we've met now. Can we just leave it? Trust me, you want nothing to do with me."

This didn't make me not want to see him. This made me curious. He looked to plain and simple to be dangerous.

"No. I've always wanted a brother" I lied, "someone to protect me, fight for me help me"

"I would protect you. Ever need me I'm here. But hanging out with me will just bring danger. You don't want that"

My curiosity forced me to lie, "look. I have no where to stay. Please can I stay a few nights at yours?"

"What's wrong with your place?"

"I couldn't afford the rent."

I'd rarely lied before but it seemed easier than I thought. So I just let myself say it.

"Fine. This way"

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