The life of Albus Severus Potter

Read about the life of Harry Potter's son and the challenges he faces.


1. My Birthday

Albus's P.O.V 

Okay just to get this out of the way I,m Harry Potter's that your done freaking out let me explain what Hogwarts is, it's a school for witches and wizards to learn magic it's as easy as that. Right now I'm on the train and I'm really nervous what if I get put in Slytherin.My dad told me it wasn't that bad but still Slytherin isn't very....well popular. I'm next to my cousin Sarah Weasley. She's 13 one year older then me she has red hair and brown eyes. Right now she is wearing a blue jacket and jeans. As she stares out the window her eyes sparkle from the sunlight's reflection 

     Sarah broke the silence between us  "You know I just remembered happy birthday" she said 

I hoped she would forget but apparently she didn't. I don't really like the attention. 

        "Thanks"I say staring at the ground. 

          "Your nervous aren't you?"she asks 

           "Is it that obvious?" I reply 

             " kind of is" she says "but don't worry your not alone I'm nervous too."

But you don't know how I feel, I thought. How would you like it if your father was famous and everyone crowded around you, the attention isn't exactly fun.

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