A little something about exploring and getting closer to finding yourself.

Give me your opinion!:)


1. All over everything

I want to go

I want to see

I want permission

To be


I want to look

I want to search

I want to find

Pieces of me


I want to live

I want to breath

I want to feel

My heart beat


Beating passionate


I will go and I will see

In places I will be

I will look and I will search

In places I will find pieces of me

I will live and I will breath

In places all over everything my heart will beat


Passionate as never seen


I will see everything in a way that allows me to be

I will be me in a way that allows me to breath

I will let my heart beat in a way so passionate that you can not breath

I will exist in a way that will disturb your existence and allow you to be

And you will find pieces of you and pieces of me all over everything

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