Dear diary

'Dear diary, I think I'm in love
He's so good looking and when he smiles at me I go speechless and don't know what to do, help me!'

This Is Emma, she's just turnt 18 and hasn't yet experienced love before until today, she thinks. Is she really in love with this boy or is it just a crush? Is he the Prince Charming she wants him to be or will he just break he heart?? Read on to find out


1. HIM

Dear diary,

It was my birthday yesterday and I had just turned 18 and I had the biggest and best party I've ever done. As you know I love parties and there was lots of drinking (maybe some drugs) and the loudest music you can ever hear.

Anyway as I was saying I was just clearing up some beer cans from the living room and kitchen because there were soo many drinks everywhere and as I was walking across the front door I was the most good looking boy come through the door with some of his mates. I have never met him before and I think he's one of my brothers brothers 19 going on 20 and go's to university now. He was wearing chinos, an Armani jumper and nike air maxes. He looks so gorgeous and I love boys that wear chinos. After staring at him for a minute I ran over to my friend who was in my kitchen and asked her about the boy I saw. She said that his name was Matthew( but he prefers being called Matt) he's in the same uni as my brother but I've never seen him before which is odd. He is loved by everyone around him and every girl that knows him say he's a bad boy and you should watch out for him. However I think that he may be a little flirt as i can tell but that's all. I think he's sweet and he looks like a down to earth person and I think I'm getting feelings for him

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