In love with my best friend| DISCONTINUED|

My name is Ariana, I'm best friends with Liam Payne, but to be honest I really want to be more, I really like Liam, he doesn't feel the same though, he's dating Sophia and he's always with her, I've tried to put my feelings aside, to ignore them but I just can't. Since Liam started dating Sophia we've been drifting apart, and I'm afraid that one day even our friendship will be gone and one day completely forget me, but that probably won't happen...right?
This fan fiction is dedicated to @Ariana A.


1. Chapter one.

Ariana's POV

I ran back home, tears stinging my eyes, I unlocked my door and stepped in slamming the door shut, walking into my room slowly trying to stop tears from falling, I jumped onto my bed. I need Liam, I got my phone out and texted him:

To Liam:

can you come over plz

I waited awhile then he answered

From Liam:

why what happened?

I took a deep breath before answering

To Liam:

Jake cheated on me :(

From Liam:

Oh ok I'll be over in a bit  

A few minutes later I heard a knock on my bedroom door, I smiled knowing that it's Liam "Come in." I said, I'm not sure if he heard me, He opened the door and stepped in "hey Ari" He said sitting next to me and he put his arms around me giving me a hug, just then I felt butterflies, I always had a small crush on Liam but I never really thought about it, all the boys knew ,except Liam of course,  he was dating Sophia, and I never wanted to ruin it for him, plus, it was only a small crush.

"Ari? Ariana? Ari?" Liam waved his hand in front of my face, cutting me out of my thoughts,  "yes?" I answered him "Sophia texted me, sorry, I have to go" He said, ugh I think I'm starting to hate Sophia now. "Ok" I simply replied, He just stood up and walked out "bye" he said as he closed the door. Turned and buried my head in my pillow and cried until I was carried into a peaceful sleep.

So there's the first chapter.hope you liked it :) sorry its really short.:)


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