dis be mah lurve storee

So basically this is supposed to be a 'ratchet' story. Written very stupendously on purpose. Hope you have a good laugh. Or not. Oops.


1. ay ay i liek chicken

hai mah nem iz emilee or iz it spelt emily. anywayz u can coll me em, emzy, emma or donut bc i liek da glazed 1. anyway i liek da collour p!nk liek juz giv mi ah raisin yes yes i liek n8 ruess. mah fav fav # iz 9999999999 bc dat iz how many bf i hav bc i iz a shovel hoe. i cant rememba da rest of mah info bc i hit head wen i waz small. my dada liek to abuse me. so does mah bf austin mahone but i wont leave him bc gold digger. ooh i juz rememba sum of da tings i liek. me is a big sherrio like cherrios an froztad flakez yas. i also like juz10 boober. anyway i gots to fly bc hairyiz callin mi


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