Its not just my heart he stole

I love my life. I have the best boyfriend. I have the greatest life, but all of a sudden it all goes down hill when my parents blame me for stealing from their house. And unfortunatly all the evidence leads up to zayn. Thats right Zayn Malik my boy friend.


1. disaster date

I woke up this morning bright and early remebering about my date with my boyfriend , Zayn Malik. I skipped to the bathroom with just under 5 hours to get ready. I come out the shower half an hour later smelly fresh and clean and feeling like i can do anything. I start to look through my wardrobe when my phone bleepes from my bedside tabl. I pick up my phone shocked when i read the text from zayn "Hey babe im so sorry but i cant manage the picnic date. But i can come round tonight for an hour or two lots of love zayn xxxxxx". I cant belive it. I had been so excited about this date for ages. I throw my phone against the wall , slam the door shut and lay on my bed ignoring everyone and anyone who came to my door. 

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