Hollie In Wonderland

This is a story about me in wonderland!(made up)


1. Ticking clock


Hello, my name is Hollie.I am going to tell you all about this special journey I took into a 'magical' place called Wonderland.

1st January 1980

I was sleeping,at home,in my bed, with my teddies and my soft fluffy pink blanket and pure white pillows.I could hear the clock ticking, tick,tock,tick,tock. But then all of a sudden it stopped, and all I could hear was a little bell, like a cat's collar bell.I opened my eyes and drew back my curtains and it was a mouse with a small crystal bell in it's hand shaking it looking up at my window, I was eight years old at the time and I wasn't quite sure what to do, so like any other adventurous child I went downstairs without making a single sound. I slowly and silently I took the keys off the little hook that shined brightly at the top of the wall which next to the sliding lock. I unlocked  the door and placed the key in my right pocket and went outside and then I closed the door. When I looked around for the mouse and then spotted it, the mouse started to scatter quickly across the lawn and up the tree.I followed the mouse across the lawn and I grabbed the ladder off the grass and climbed the tree and went through the bird hole,which I surprisingly fitted into the hole! As soon as I placed my left hand down where ever I put it, but then I slipped and I fell right through the tree hitting and scrapping my arms and legs. It felt like a very long fall like I  was like, 20 ft under the floor.When I hit the bottom of the floor I seen a bright light.

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