Check, please.

“I knew it was your month to pay the bills, so I made sure to use a lot of hot water.” I watched as he used the towel to dry between his legs and his torso, admiring his cleanly shaven male parts when the towel flicked up just high enough. “And your hair looks fine, Miss Over-Dramatic.”
I bit my lip as I looked up and down at the bare and glistening body in front of me. “Been working out?”


29. chapter 26

“Are you sure you want to go?” Harry inquired as he tucked his white button-down shirt into his slim black pants.

I gazed at the dark blue fabric that clung to my body and pulled at the bottom. “Yes. I look too good right now for no one to see.”

Harry poked his head into my room and looked me up and down. “You are smokin’… maybe we should stay home…. Throw our own party here in your bed.”

I giggled and shoved him back out of my room. My black heels clicked as I stepped toward him and pushed him back against the wall. The green of his eyes seemed to swirl around his dark pupils as he gazed down at my red lips. “Why?” I asked, grabbing his thin, black tie and tugging on it lightly. “Want me all to yourself?” I raised my leg up and around his hips as he rested his back against the wall. He ran his hand up my bare thigh and smirked.

“Well… duh. I’m not sure I want any other douche looking at you… especially not in that dress.”

He tilted his lips toward mine, but I pulled away and slapped his butt as hard as I could. He winced and covered his bum with his hands, a little startled by my swift smack, but his surprised expression quickly turned to one that was dangerously playful. I giggled and turned to walk down the hall, grabbing the Celica keys off of the counter as I passed it. “Let’s boogie, baby!”

“Heyyyyy,” Harry dragged out before grabbing his suit jacket and following me. “That’s my line.”

It seemed like it had been forever since Harry and I been out to one of the clubs, yet the fake red carpet rolled out in front of the doors of Wet Seal seemed all too familiar. The bouncer halted us but nodded us through once I told him my name. I slipped my hand around Harry’s elbow and allowed him to lead me into the club, grimacing and yet glowing with excitement when the memorable cigarette-and-alcohol scent of the club filled my nostrils. The club seemed much more packed than I ever remembered it being, but I soon realized that it was because not only was I taking note of all of the guys around us, but also the girls. Before, I would just study the men and decide which one I would pounce on that night. Now, despite the fact that Harry was already mine, the women stood out to me as competition. They looked lustfully at Harry, adjusted their busts in their dresses to make them pop out a little more, and I even spotted one girl reapplying lipstick as the Harry approached the bar with me behind him. The girl batted her eyelashes and blushed as Harry strode up to the bench beside her, but her flirtatious puckering lips deflated as Harry swung me around his body and pulled the stool out for me. I couldn’t help but throw a little celebration in my head as I placed my bum on the stool and felt Harry stand close behind me, pressing his body against my back. I looked sideways at the girl and smiled as politely as I could. Not tonight, Bitch.

“Are you sure you don’t want to call the other guys?” Harry asked, pulling one of my curls over my bare shoulder.

I shook my head. “Just us tonight.”

“Mr. Styles. Miss Ray. Long time no see,” the bartender acknowledged us, pouring us two shots of water. I laughed as he slid the two glasses down the bar to us.

“You get a haircut, Sawyer?” Harry asked, raising his glass to the bartender before sipping it down. To anyone who didn’t know it was water, Harry probably looked like a pussy, slowly sipping down a shot he couldn’t handle.

Sawyer ran his free hand through his slick black hair and poured a shot of vodka for someone else at the bar. “Glad you noticed. You grow some balls, Harry? Finally told Miss Ray you loved her?” Sawyer winked at me.

Harry slammed his glass back down onto the bar. “Does this answer your question?” He grabbed my body and threw me backward off of the stool into a dip, making me shriek and earning us the attention of everyone surrounding us. Harry grinned when I finally realized that he wasn’t going to let me fall and connected our lips as he dug his fingers into my bare back just above the back of my dress. “I love you,” He mumbled into my lips. I ran my fingers up into his hair and tugged it lightly.

“I love you too.”

When Harry pulled me back up onto my feet, the crowd around us cheered and went back to their dancing. Sawyer laughed and gave Harry a high-five. Harry turned back to me and twirled me around his finger, leading me spinning into the crowd of dancing strangers. The jealous stares that I got from the girls around us just gave me more confidence when it came to moving my body against Harry’s. For a while, I could see Harry was more focused on the attention that I was receiving from sex-hungry men around us than he was on me, but when I finally started to let loose, so did he. His hands didn’t stop moving as they clawed lightly at the sides of my dress and pulled at my hips. I pressed my front against Harry, my backside into his groin, I felt his lips brushing across my cheek, my neck, my shoulders… I pulled at his hair and teased him with my mouth, occasionally going in for a kiss and then pulling away before he could get the kiss he wanted. I bit my lip as I stared into his eyes and ran my hands through my curls too. The deep thumping of the bass was calming me and keeping my blood pumping all at the same time. I missed this. I missed the old us.

“You’re killing me,” Harry growled into my ear after about the 15th song. I giggled as he adjusted his pants and tried to hide the rising boner that I was provoking. “Let’s get out of here.”

I pouted. “One more song? I can’t stop moving.”

“Yeah… I noticed,” Harry chuckled, adjusting his pants again.

Not two seconds after the next song ended had Harry taken my wrist and pulled me through the crowd and out the door of the club. He tapped his foot impatiently and kept a tight grip on my hand as we waited for the valet to being the Celica around to us. Harry glanced at me out of the corner of his eye every few seconds, grinning and biting his lip when I would flick my hair or wet my lips with my tongue, knowingly getting him excited. I loved watching him be antsy.

I’ve read all of those stories and watched all of the movies that involve that one moment of passionate, slow sex – when two people finally fall in love and really connect, really stare deeply into each other’s eyes and link their hearts together in that second of pure pleasure – but I didn’t want that. Harry knew just how I liked it, just how I needed it, and I knew just how to please him too. Hard and fast. Feeling each other, dragging fingers all over, clutching, running fingers through hair as we fell into the apartment and stumbled along the walls. Then we moved to the kitchen where Harry picked me up and shoved me back against the cabinets, my back straight up and my breasts in his face, while we moved to kissing, sucking, groping, tugging at clothes, reaching for privates. Then we moved to pain. Yanking hair, biting earlobes, biting necks, biting lips… Harry nipped at the skin on my inner thighs as he knelt before me on the counter and started to bite the fabric of my panties, but I couldn’t wait for that. I laced his hair into my fingers and pulled his mouth back up to mine. Getting the message, he wrapped his arms around my lower waist and picked me up, walking down the hall with his pants around his ankles.

That’s when we moved to my favorite part of all of this – the actual sex. The crazy, messy, rough, animalistic sex that had both of us groaning, moaning, panting, pumping, screaming, scratching, kicking… I loved it. Harry and I weren’t meant to be slow and calm about our sex. This is who we were, for as silly as it sounded. The slow stuff wasn’t something that I wanted… at least not yet. I wanted to be crazy with my body while I could with the man I loved, twisting all around him and watching as he marveled at my body and the amazing things I had taught myself to do over time. I needed to wake up to Harry and see the scratches on his back, the bruises on my hips, his slightly swollen lower lip as he tells me softly that he loves me and runs his fingers softly through my hair.

Having fallen back asleep after our early-morning cuddle session, Harry snored softly as he laid with his arm draped across my chest. I drew circles on his bare shoulder with my fingernail until my legs began to ache from not being used (and partially from the night before). I slipped out from under Harry and threw scooped up his white button-down shirt from the floor in the hallway. I threw it over my shoulders and buttoned three of the buttons before fixing myself a cup of coffee.

Funny. I usually just drank water.

I sipped on the hot beverage and admired our splatter-wall from the island. The more I looked at it each day, the more I loved it. The memory of that day danced in my mind until it was interrupted by a loud beeping coming from outside of the apartment. I frowned and tiptoed to the window, trying to peek out without anyone seeing me in nothing but Harry’s shirt. What was happening? Was it a tow-truck? Construction? I groaned as the annoying beeping continued, but I still couldn’t see anything outside the window. I stepped beside the window and peeked around the wall down at the street where I saw a large moving truck backing into the garage to the apartment directly across the street from us.

“New neighbors?” Harry’s voice cracked behind me as he rubbed his eyes and squinted out the window. I kissed him on his scruffy cheek and turned back to watch out the window as men in red “Moving Company” shirts began to unload various boxes from the truck. Harry took the coffee from my hands and sipped it as he watched over my shoulder.

“Maybe it’s Niall,” I giggled.

Harry laughed and wrapped one arm around my stomach and gave me a tight squeeze as he returned my coffee to me with his free hand. “For our sake, I hope not. God love that child… but no.”

I leaned against the wall beside the window and admired the lengthy, deep red scratches that ran all down Harry’s back as he walked back to the kitchen. Nice work, Scotlan, I congratulated myself.

“It’s supposed to be pretty warm today, no?” I asked Harry, glancing back at the group of red shirted men, now unloading furniture of all kinds.

“I think so. Then it’s supposed to get cold the rest of the week,” Harry said, pouring milk over his Lucky Charms.

I peered up at the beautiful blue sky before walking back toward Harry. “I might lay out on the roof. Get a little bit of a tan before fall officially comes. Wanna join?”

Harry grinned and nodded. “Of course. I’m glad you like the roof.” He leaned toward me and placed a light kiss on my lips.

“Like? I love it.”

“I love you.”

I laughed. “I love you too, H.”

It wasn’t long before I was changed into my bathing suit (not like I would wear it once up on the roof anyway) and ready to climb up the side of the apartment. I stood by the window and watched the red-shirt men unload more from the truck under the warm sun as I impatiently waited for Harry. I frowned when Harry emerged from his room still in his boxers.

“You’re not going to cover up?” I asked, pointing to his lower half.

Harry furrowed his brow and shook his head. “Why would I? The boxers are coming off once I’m up there.”

I gawked at him. “Harry, the new neighbors are going to see you climbing up the side of the apartment in your boxers. Way to make a first impression.”

Harry chuckled and kissed me on the forehead. “Scotty, they’ve probably seen me in a Calvin Klein ad somewhere before, and if not, they’ll learn.”

Ignoring my protesting and slightly embarrassed groan, Harry hoisted up the window and stepped out with a towel over his shoulder. He held my hand as I straddled the window and ducked through to the outside metal balcony. Harry took my towel for me as I clutched the ladder on the side of the building and began to climb. I hadn’t gotten two steps before someone from the street called us.

“Hey you two!”

The new neighbor.

“Shit,” I swore quietly, falling back into Harry. “At least put the towel around your waist, please?” I pleaded, taking my towel and pressing it to Harry’s stomach. Thankfully, he complied without arguing. I leaned toward the railing of the balcony and looked down at the street to see who our new neighbors were.

“Oh… my god… Hey there, Therese,” Harry said after a minute of our stunned silence. Her black curls were secured back with a red bandana and the sleeves of her jean shirt were rolled up around her tiny biceps. Her fake boobs looked even bigger from above… or maybe she just got more implants since the last time we saw her. The same mopey guy who followed her around at the reunion was following her now, still looking as mopey as ever. I stared down at the two of them, shocked beyond belief. My gaze tended to stay on the strange guy because I couldn’t stand the sight of Therese.

“I thought that was you two up there! What the hell are you doing? That looks dangerous!” Therese said, using her hand to keep the sun out of her eyes as she looked up at us.

“Yeah, we have a little hangout up he-“ I elbowed Harry in the stomach. I shot Harry a Don’t tell her about OUR hangout!! look before turning back to Therese.

“What are you all doing here?” I asked, not trying to hide the irritation in my tone.

Therese grinned. “Alexander and I are moving in together! Finally! I got a fantastic job offer up here at the hospital and Alexander is going to do some public relations work for some stupid magazine up here-“ She started to wave her hand around as if to wave away that part of the conversation.

“That’s great, Alexander,” I blurted, leaning over the railing a little more. Harry put his hand on my shoulder protectively. “What magazine?”

Alexander ran his hand through his light brown hair and rubbed his neck awkwardly. “Uh, Wentz? It’s some silly fashion magazine.”

My jaw dropped. Harry’s grip on my shoulder tightened as he pulled me away from the railing and pushed me toward the ladder. “Well congrats on moving in and the jobs, guys. We’re going to catch the sun before it goes away. Maybe you guys can swing by later and we’ll talk.” Harry was lifting me upward on the ladder before I even had a grip on the bars. He essentially carried me the whole way up on one hand as he pulled himself up with his other. I struggled to get to my feet once up on the roof, but when I did, I spun around and faced Harry.

“ScotLAN-“ He grunted as he fell over the top of the ladder onto his side. He stood up and rushed to me. “Scotlan, take a deep breat-”

“Of all the people…”

“Scotlan, seriously, look at me-“

I gazed up at Harry, my eyes wide with all sorts of emotion. I was confused. Stunned. Furious. Depressed. In complete and utter disbelief.

“Is this a joke?” I whispered. Harry put his arms around my shoulders and lifted be upward, carried me to the grass box, and sat me down. He scooted his butt close to mine and wrapped both of his arms around me.

“It’s okay-“

“Harry!” I snapped, whispering furiously at him as if Therese might hear us from the room. I shoved him away. “It’s not okay! This is not okay! How the fuck did she know to come here!? How did she know where we lived!?”

Harry hugged his knees and shook his head. “Scotlan, I don’t think she did this on purpo-“

“Of course she did. God, she hates me. And that Neanderthal of a boyfriend… he called Wentz a ‘silly fashion magazine.’ What? What?? How the hell did he get a job there before I did!? How, Harry?! Wentz wanted emotion from me! That thing down there with Therese is a walking ball of unemotionalness!” I whispered frantically as I stood up and paced before Harry.

“I don’t think that’s a word,” he muttered, shaking his head. “Scotlan, really. Please take a breath. Come lay on the grass.”

I groaned. “I can’t, Harry.”

He frowned. “You can. Look,” He grabbed my waist mid-stride and yanked me down onto the grass. He laid back with me and stuck his arm under my neck. “Listen, Scotty. You’ve been doing so well not to think about your mom and the accident recently.”

I winced at the mention of my mother, but kept silent.

“Therese will probably be working in the hospital most days anyway so we won’t see her and I’m pretty sure that her boyfriend isn’t just going to stop and whip up a conversation with either of us any time soon,” Harry added, twisting a strand of my hair around his finger. I supposed he was right, but it was still upsetting. Even if I never saw Therese, I would always be paranoid with her living not even 100 yards away.

“Well you did just invite them over later to talk,” I mumbled, picking at some of the grass beneath me.

“What?” Harry asked, propping himself up on one elbow.

I rolled my eyes. “You always do that. You say something like ‘Maybe you can swing by later’ or ‘We’ll have to catch up soon!’ It’s your way of just saying goodbye. I know you don’t literally mean you want to talk but knowing Therese, she’ll definitely come over. She’ll take any chance she can get to take me down-“

Harry silenced me with a harsh yet sweet kiss. I pouted as he pulled away and laid back in the grass. “If she comes over, just act normal. Don’t give her the satisfaction of knowing that she still gets under your skin. The more you ignore it, the more she’ll go away. Promise me, Scotlan. Promise you’ll keep your cool.”

I felt less than cool now that the sun was officially burning into my already-heated skin, but I licked my lips and nodded. “I promise.”

I was worried that those words made up the first promise that I wouldn’t be able to keep.

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