The Diary of the Girl with the Scars on her Wrist



2. 2nd January

Cats... Ugh... Scratched me again, I have a collection on my body. Savlon will clear them up soon enough. One of my friends, Lilly, pushed me into coming out today, I didn't really want to, but I did. Well, I had to. I don't see the purpose of it, just comment about what the other person got Christmas. DVDs, make-up the usual, same old boring stuff, I did get Pokemon Y though, so I was on that constantly for like four days, still need to evolve all the Eeveelutions. Anyway, she went on about her boyfriend, which pissed me off. I get it, I don't have one and you do, thanks for reminding me. I've taken the hint from previous 'relationships' not to bother anymore. It's a waste of my time, all guys at this age are all assholes, and all out for sex.


Lilly's boyfriend, Matthew just happened to find us. I knew she organised it, acting all innocent and sweet. I left. She shouted after me but I didn't listen, just covered my ears with the drowning sound of MCR and went home. Mum was in the kitchen, feeding the cat, who seemed to give me evils before stuffing herself. I sighed, so Mum thought this was an invitation to have a long talk about problems teengers have. I just had to grin and bare it, without balling up my fists. I vanished when she finished, books and music calmed me down. So much so I fell asleep with a book on my lap.

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