Almost Is Never Enough {1D} *on hold*

Selena Is from Bradford. Selena Mary Monte was abused by her father verbally, physically, and mentally. One day after her father almost killed Selena someone mysterious called the cops. She never seen him again and is now living her dream. She is now a very famous singer. But ever since her father started abusing her she started having problems trusting boys. What happened's when One Direction is her opening act? They start earning her trust after 2 months of knowing each other. But what happened's when Zayn just has to know her personal life. And when her dad comes back into the picture? Zayn promises to be Selena's rock. What happened's when Selena almost starts falling for her rock? Well you know what they say Almost Is Never Enough....


1. Chapter 1 ~What?!?~

Selena's POV

I jolted up from my beauty sleep and looked around frantically.

"It was just a dream." I whisper to myself

To be honest it was more like a flask back if I'm honest. I closed my eyes as the memory came rushing back.


I just came home from school. My teacher Mrs. Sanchez, had given us an assignment. I ran up to my room and began to plan it.

Time went by quickly. I didn't even notice how much time I spent on my assignment. I looked at the clock, it read 5:00 pm. 'Crap' I thought. My dad would be here any minute.

"SELENA WHERE IS MY FOOD YOU WHORE!" I heard the scary voice of my dad.

'Great he was drinking' I thought sarcastically.

Just then I heard someone climbing up the stairs like a warning.

Thump thump thump thump

All of a sudden my door was busted open. The door fell on the floor in a blink of an eye, almost hitting me in the head.

"My door!" I screamed. That was the only thing giving me privacy.


He dragged me like a rag all the way to the stairs. He then pushed me of the stairs like I was a ball. I kept hitting my head on the wall. I heard my rib cage crack earning a yelp from me. I cried out in pain when I reached the bottom of the stairs.

He walked down the stairs laughing harder every step he was closer. Once was standing on my stomach. Earning a groan from me. He bent down and slapped me multiple times.

"Help.......HELP" I screamed multiple times.

He grabbed me by my hair and made me stand up . He punched me in the stomach, making me cough out blood.

Just then the door of the house opened revealing a couple of police officers. I didn't hear their sirens over my cries for help.

They grabbed my dad and they handcuffed him.


A tall police officer came over to me.

"What's your name?" A police officer asked me

"Selena Mary Monte." I whispered

"How old are you?" He questioned

"I'm fifteen" I said scared

"Since you aren't eighteen yet, I'm afraid we have to take you to an orphanage." He told me sadly. Just when I was about to protest I got cut off.

"No it's ok, I can take care of her." Melissa (my next door neighbour) said.

The police looked at me as if saying if it was ok. I simply nodded.

"Very well then. You will have to fill out a couple forms then." The police officer said. Then he left.

I ran over and hugged Melissa.

"Thank you for saving me." I whispered to her as the tears streamed down my face.

She just hugged me tighter.

"I didn't save you honey." Melissa whispered in my ears

I looked at her confused.

"A young man saved you he's over...... I mean he was over there he must have left." Melissa stated

"Thank you though for taking me in as family." I whispered

Melissa hugged me tighter. Melissa was like my second mom.

~FlashBack Ended~

If it wasn't for Melissa I would have been in an orphanage for almost 3 years. Oh and my mom you are asking, well she died when I was 7 years old in a car crash. I looked around and saw that it was 8 o'clock in the morning.

I had to get ready because I was going to be talking tour dates and my opening act with my manger Cherry.

I went to my closet and picked out a white crop top with the words 'American Beauty' printed on it in black and pink and black skinny jeans.

I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth, took a shower, and then curled my hair. I curled my whole hair until I was left with lovely locks.

I walked back into my room put on some white toms, and then grabbed my phone and bag and I was headed out the door. I went inside my car and drove to 'Dynomite's Record'.(A/N: I made this up so it's probably not real)

Once I got to 'Dynomite's Record' I clicked the bottom that was letting the gate stay closed.

"Hello who are you and do you have reservations?" The robotic voice said

"It's me Selena Mary Monte." I said loudly

"Welcome back Selena." The robotic voice said before opening the gate.

I drove over to a free parking lot and grabbed my purse and phone and walked inside. I went to the elevator and clicked the 4th floor. Once the elevator opened I looked for D50.







Ah D50.

I knocked on the door.

"Come in." Cherry yelled.

I walked in and said a 'Hi'.

"Hey Selena so are we ready to discuss." Cherry questioned

"Yes, let's do tour dates then my opening act" I said professionally

"Ok well you will be doing America first and you will have about 58 shows in America. Then you go to the UK and you will do about 15 shows there then you are going to Africa and you will do 5 shows there. After that you will be going to South America and you will be doing 25 shows there so you will have about 103 shows all together maybe even more dates will be added so we are not sure yet." Cherry told me

"Wow that's a lot." I said carefully

"It is." Cherry agreed

"So who is my opening act?" I questioned eager

"Actually it's a them." Cherry mumbled

"Ohh what band." I said a little les eager but not by a lot.

"Itsonedirectionthebritishirishboyband." Cherry said in one breathe

"What cherry I don't know what you said." I responded

"Itsonedirectionthebritishirishboyband." Cherry said again.

"Cherry we are wasting time here just tell me." I said impatiently

"Fine it's One Direction the British Irish boy band." Cherry said carefully waiting for my respond.

"WHAT?!?!" I screamed


Authors note:

This is my first story hopefully you guys read it. Can you guys please tell your friends to read this :) I will update Chapter 2 if I can at least get 3-5 reads :)


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