My teacher

Taylor Cowell just moved to England to go to her new fancy collage. When she walks in she bumps into a man with curly brown hair and green eyes, who just happens to be one of her teachers.


2. First day

I woke up to a weird light shining in my room. I got up and looked out my window to see Brooke in her window holding a sign with her number. I got my phone and typed it in and texted her and we texted back and forth for a bit.

I went to the bathroom and had a shower, washed my hair did my business. I got out, dried my hair and left it in it's natural waves. I put some mascara, eyeliner and lip balm on cause I don't like lip gloss or lip stick. I only wear it in special occasions.

I went to my room and threw on a tight white belly top and high wasted black shorts and my white vans. I ran down stairs and grabbed and apple and threw my bag on and grabbed my phone.

Brooke started to run up to me and we walked to college together. We were there in no time since t was on our street. We walked in and I looked at all the people, it was packed! I threw the rest of my apple out and I turned around and bumped into someone. All their stuff fell on the floor along with my phone. We both bent down and I grabbed my phone and went to help them when our hands touched. Mine was on his and we looked up at each other.

My hand felt all tingly so I moved and got up handing him his papers. He smiled at me and said thanks. I smiled saying no problem and walked back to Brooke. "What happened over there?" She asked smirking with a wink and I shrugged.

We walked off our own ways since we had different classes. I had drama. I walked to room 213 and walked inside slowly, I was 20 minutes early...oops. I walked inside and looked around. Know body was in here so I took a seat. Middle row close to the back. I got my stuff out and then the guy walked in that I ran into earlier and I smiled and said "are you in this class to?" He nodded and said "yah, all the time actually" and he smirked. Might as well have some fun before the teacher walks in. I walked up to the guy and whispered in his ear "I'm Taylor, your really, really hot". He smirked and whispered in my ear "I'm harry, also known as mr.styles" I looked at him and he winked. My eyes went wide and I blushed. I just flirted with one of my teachers. Just then the bell rung and everyone came in and I went back to my seat still in shock.

I didn't pay any attention and then this guy beside me started to talk to me as he handed me a note and I read it "hey babe, never seen u around, u should text me sometime;)" I smirked and winked and then "mr.styles" said "Taylor please stop talking, unless u wanna share that conversation with the class" he said and once everyone had their eyes on me he smirked and I rolled my eyes and said "I'm sorry, id share but I'm not supposed to talk" I said and everyone oohed and me styles said "stay after class so we can talk about your behaviour" everyone looked at me for my comeback and mr.styles winked.

The rest of class was boring and when the bell rang I got up and almost left when mr.styles said "Taylor please come here". And once everyone left and the door was closed I asked "how old are you? Not that I'm interested or anything, u just look really young". He smirked and said "20, ad so if I did this you wouldn't do anything?" And he put his face close to mine and I said "hmm your only a year older than me, and maybe if do this" and I leaned forward until or noses were touching and our lips were millimetres apart and I pulled back before we kissed and he looked shocked. I winked and walked out to go to my next class.

**skipping the rest of the the day**

Once the day was over Brooke was staying back cause she got in trouble and I started to walked home. I felt someone following me and then I ignored it. I walked inside my house got changed into my strapless blue bathing suit and walked outside. I sat in the chair and tanned a bit. I got up and Nicely dive into the deep end. I swam up and heard clapping. I looked up to see Harry AKA Mr.styles. He smirked and I got out. He looked me up and down and then I realized I was in my bikini. I quickly grabbed my towel and then Mr.styles came over to me. "Mr.styles can't you get in trouble" i asked and he smirked and said "it's not illegal, and out of school call me Harry". Then he kissed me and I kissed back. I mumbled "this is so wrong but feels so right" and I went back to kissing him. I smirked and said "Well I need to go study for drama, need to read for tomorrow". I started to walk inside and he was following me and I closed and locked the door. I smiled and waved at him and skipped upstairs. J got changed and went to sleep.

I'm sorry if my story sucks, it's my first one.

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