My Orphan Story

i dont really know but i am going to make it better than not complete that was my first book and first times somtimes sucks but second should be better hope you like it please comment on it.


1. the house of orphans

when i was born i was put in a orphan house it was cool at first but when i got older i would go to strangers houses. It was scary, but it was horrible to the people who toke care of me then they would take me back to the orphan house. I had a bad life on-till somebody adopted me i kinda hated it, it was like i was still at the orphan house lots of drama and screaming, i was the quiet one nobody talked to me at home and school which i was home schooled because the people have to find me one. 

it sucks but when i was up in my room i would text and text and text for an hour to my step sister and by the way they got me a phone for my b-day. I would get weird toys from them when i turned 12 years old they toke me back to the orphan house it very well sucked. More drama and screaming of the baby's :[          it was horrible to just sit and watch tv you had to crank it up too 100 to barely hear it it was crappy   

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