Un Settled Morans

U.M , is a story that tours around treble morans .Havel ,Garci and Lesa, join them as they seek


1. My name Means

     Breathes in Breathes out .

         Havel ! Havel ! Havel !

My name

" You know i have always wondered what it means , my name that is " these were the whispers of thoughts on Havel's head 

  As he Scrolled his mouse cursor on google via his Asus laptop .

       " Havel means breath or vapor "  he repeated what was written on Wikipedia 

    He pulls both his hands to comfort his head , this was the 15th time he has searched what his name meant to remind him self

      That he needs to breath. But the problem is he can't and it stresses him out alot .

        He lives in a large room enough for him to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide , but it turns out that gas isn't enough for him he wants to breath in excitement ,joy,enjoyment and success towards his goals .. he wants to be a great artist like picaso or davinchi and michel langelo  , but over the years as he had gotten himself in  this huge vivid  art world.

he has only breathed in depression,anger,frustration  and lost all his hopes to make it big.

  One other extra thing he has to remind himself of is that he doesn't have any freinds.

He pulls himself out of his chair slowly as he closes his laptop , he then drags himself to his bed. 

As he shut his eyes down and slept. 
Before he conciously knew it time flew by.

  It was time to wake up ,but he didn't want to ,he wanted to sleep on his sheets the whole day . he wanted time to stop so that he can feel so warm by him self . But time doesn't stop apparently as he stepped out of bed.

  " Aya ya yai " he said as he took a tour at his room which was a mess .. papers here papers there he had been sketching this past 2 weeks 

Working on his portfolio which is in due date to next month .

 He stands up and walks towards torned pieces of papers , he picks one up and unfolds it , he glances at his sketch which was  an old mafia boss smoking a cigar . He thought it was cool atleast the idea and representation , but what he wanted to show more , not just something that had great representation .

       He wanted something that had depth and meaning something that can touch people or atleast him he thought .  He did try to search it or find it but he just couldn't  and neither does music inspire him . He tried everything . 

  But it would only lead him to disapointments and over frustrations ,sometimes he wishes to give up but he cant it's as though there was another hand pushing him in a way . 

  And that hand is what we all call hope .

He folded the piece of paper again and tried to throw it straight to the bin ,  "slurp " he misses as it hits the top edge of the recycle bin

 Arghhh !.

On the left side of his shoulder he has a small wooden wardrobe with heavy amount of coats and jackets . 
Havel took a peak and decided to take his favorite blend. 
It had black and blue lines but it was a coat that was designed as if it was for a nascar driver . 
Havel never liked cars well not compared to how most guys are . 
He pulls open his appartment door as to breath in the air outside . 

" Suu! Haa ! " it's cold he thought as he sheltered his hands inside his pocket . 
As he climbed down the stairs of his small appartment . 
" woof ! woof ! " a small wigled eared shy puppy runs to him ..he grabs him up and cudles his ears .

" Sisco good puppy " he said 
"Now down boy down " as it stays down 
He brushes his hands on sisco's fur and feels excitement from the little bond they have. 
Now that he thinks of it .It's not that long since he had him , since he adopted sisco it has only been a month . 
And with in that short term sisco is his only loyal and most loving bud he has . 
" Alright ! Alright ! Sisco we had enough fun now I have to take you in " .since he was going to take a walk outside he had to take sisco inside since the neighbourhood he lives in isn't that save .

Lost or stollen pets had been reported here and there , and it had always woried havel . 
He climbed through the stairs again and went inside his flat and left sisco there before he locked the door and leave . 
Wheew ! He exhalled as ge steped outside to the streets finaly

He stared on his watch . It was 8:40 AM and it was time to go to the Stress full college . 
Of-course he didn't forget to pick his bag at the time as he returned Sisco . 

He was fully pumped and prepared to go to college even though he didn't really want to individually but he had to.

Hevel decided to take a Bus to College.

walking to his usual roots to the bus station since he is always late he always runs after the bus. Mr Vince the bus driver in the streets alley was always annoyed by Hevel.

   he would always step up the gas pedal whenever he sees him screeching around the streets corners just so he doesn't  get in . and he did so today.      

But Hevel would only shake his head with pity  whilst waiting for the next Bus.    " This is great "  He complemented his Self pity.

  He knew he was going to be late again.

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