Bad Influence

What happens when two opposites meet? Meet Athena Smith and Daniel Roberts, they have been neighbors for aslong as Athena has remembered, she hasn't been to fond of him though, she thinks he is a bad influence (wink wink) While, Daniel thinks Athena is a goody two shoes.


1. Introductions


     Meet Athena Smith, she isn't your typical teenager 17 year old girl. She has good grades, never goes out to party, only had one boyfriend. Also, the only time she goes out, is for sports, like Basketball and Softball. So she is a typical goody two shoes.


      Now, meet Daniel Smith, he loves to party, to people in his school, he is the party, his grades are average. He has a new girlfriend every week, and never stays in, but his parents are getting tired of his carelessness.


       These two are neighbors, Athena knew Daniel since as long as she could remember. They are complete opposites, but ever heard of Opposites attract? So, Daniel is Athena's bad influence........


     ~Amanda, The Author xoxo

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