Notorious Miranda

Ledwig Nelson Find's him self forced into a Marriage from a woman called Miranda .


1. The Day I Met Her

               CHAPTER 1
       Ledwig nelson had always been a complete loner tired of his life , his friends weren't there during his troubles worst thing was he didn't have a sister nor  a pet .

he was a full on full  an empty glass that needed wine  or you can say he was like a land that had not been harvested by farmers nor have trees more of like a desert in a place where it's always raining  ,   so he couldn't come with any solution for all of his social problems to the point he couldn't talk to people the only thing he could do was wave his head whilst he was in communication.

                                Right now he is at the top of the roof of the hotel into which he has been living for the past 2 weeks ,,, oh he has money but it didn't mean a thing to him

now he is about to kill himself  looking down very way further down cars are passing by passengers walking on the side of streets     he did not even flinch or hesitate for even a second  so he decided to jump   as he raised his lips  counting before his departure to hell 

  "  one  two three "    as soon as he is about to jump  " Stop right there   this is the police"

   a cop holding a mike said             ledwig ignored  the police helicopter  which was just a little further

 above his head   

and he jumps recklesly wishing over his death

    Wooosh! air is pushing realy hard  against his throat making it harder to breath  , he knew this was a bad idea  he is now droping at a fast rate almost about to hit the ground  but the pilot of the helicopter was realy persitent  he flighted it down  as possible   at the meantime   ledwig's body  was about to collapse through the ground on just about  2 seconds  in calculation it was to be a long fall

   Woosh!  another  cop jumped  in the midst of the air from the helicopter to save him the one  who wanted to kill  himself  she stretched his hand so hard when she got near him she  managed to grab his legs  good thing was that she had a rope that connected her with the helicopter it was a miracle ledwig was still alive saved by a realy beautifull cop  and at the right moment at the right second .

                5 hours later ambulances were everywhere around the corner and also  12 police cars were in patrol together with news reporters reporting all over the area  by interviewing witnesess .. ledwig was sitting at the back of one ambulance covering his head with a towel just thinking things through and through over his head asking him self  if that just happened his life was still not getting better infact it only worsens from this embarrasment in public    his saviour walked towards him her comrades were  trying stop her  but she pushed them away .  

                            he was punched on his face realy hard blood spilling out of his nose    she graped his neck  so tightly  as if  she wanted to  kill him but his sorry face was just saved by the news reporter that come to interview them .

         the Newsreporter lady raised her mike over  to the cop  and said  " Wow so explain exactly what happend and how you saved this poor guy "

she said  "  I don't feel like speaking he is just realy stupid for trying to destroy his own life ,  into which alot of people will fight for  it realy pisses me off  " as she tight fisted her eyes were that of a monster

he shrugs   , only to annoy her more

the news reporter  turned over to him now  and said " so what exactly was going over your mind at that point and how do you feel right now "      he only looked at her and did not reply he only shrugged his shoulder again and walked away covering his face with the towel    he stops and turns his face  " what is your name " those were his first word from a long time     the cop pointed her thumbs on her chest asking " me " he replied by nodding his head    she said      " Miranda i thought you cant speak "  ..   " You thought wrong "  he said      while walking away   but a car drifted infront of him another police car  .        Two  officers droped out of  it  and they pinned him down  telling him to remain silent and everything he has to say will be used upon him by the law  and they gave him a reason why they are arresting .

and that was because of act 1899 those who don't abide by the law and try to kill themselves are considered criminals . ( well doesn't apply on reality  principles of law  ) 

           he was taken to jail they gave him orange pajamas for criminals and a very thin bed  .. he caught alot of attentions there because of his green eyes brown hair he was realy cute except the fact that his belly wasn't well shaped with six pack abs that were missing you could tell he used to have them by far no body knows his past and he keeps it that way well  , as days passed by  he had  tried to do some sit ups from time to time  reaching 200 at first to 390 later  and days passed by like that .

        then one day he had a visitor he was escorted to the visitors room they checked him by using a scanner he was clear allowed to enter only to find out it was miranda , he sighed and walked slowly to the telephone near  her and picked up the phone " What do you want ?  Do you intend to hit me again "                miranda replied   "Are you always uptight and antisocial like this relax you don't need to be cold i just came here to talk with you "     he scratched his head  "Talk what "  she was repulsive that day and his reply sounded rude to her BAAM ! the glass had a crack  she was realy pissed off by him that she landed her fist on to the glass that separate them.

she said " Listen boy i cant find a man that is good enough for me because they always run around scared , i want to bail you out but that is if you will  agree on  getting married to me "

" Wait what marry you "  he sighed it was realy odd and weird what? how ? why ? what wrong with her ? he asked on his head he was in a panic attack           he looks behind his shoulder  only to see notorious bad criminals that could harm him at anytime or moment it was a terifying place he looked  straight back at her she is realy beautifull short haired blonde bright blue eyes  6ft tall   but she has a hot temper .                   " What are the odds okay let's do this "

Miranda smiled realy hard " but before i accept promise me you will protect me forever "  with out knowing what he was going into he said " Yes "

but what he didn't know The Yakuza ,Mafias   and Soldiers were after this girl now he has to show he is worth it for her .                                                                                                                                               

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