Secret life


1. the nerd

marcel prospective

my name is marcel im like the nerd of the school and like every nerd theres my bullies my bullies name were Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinsion, Liam payne ,Niall horon , and last Harry Styles yes my very own brother bullied me but im mean why not I am a nerd my bestfreinds name is Cynthia and  Daffney .

I woke up in the morning getting ready to be humiliated my my own brother it sucked cus every one saw me as a nerd but if they only saw the real me the real me look like my twin harry just with a lot more tattoos but I always hide then with my dress shirts and vest I didn't want nobody to know I had tattoos not even Cynthia and Daffney new I hated not telling them but I thought they would see me diffreant so I never told anyone today I decided to try something new and not wear my vest just a white button up shirt and some black skinny jeans I walk downstairs trying to avoid harry I new he was going to say something about my outfit so I quickly  walked out the door to see Cynthia and Daffney waiting for me. Cynthia is dating my brother harry which I hate because I had always had a crush on her but never got the courage to tell her.  when we got to school harry was standing by my locker ready to bully me when I got there he pushed me to the ground telling me how big of a freak I am then all the boys started to kick me when then they stopped I looked up to see daffney screaming at harry

Daffneys prospective

YOU FUCKING PRICK THAT UR FUCKING BROTHER LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE I yelled at harry but before he could answer back I slapped him leaving my red hand print on his cheek then he walked away before I could slap him again I pick marcel up from the ground so see if he was ok I saw his cheek and it had a bruise so I started to brush my hand against his cheek

Cynthias prospective

as I walk back from my locker I see Daffney touching marcels cheek then pulling him into a  hug a jealous wave came over to me because I had a crush on marcel but he never asked me out so when harry did I said yes because I know marcel does not feel the same :( so I walk over to daffney and marcel to see a huge bruise on his cheek I asked him what happen and he just pointed to harry smirking at us then harry walks over to me and kisses me I was so mad I just pushed him off and left with Daffney and marcel to class


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