wrong crowd

Megan Jordan jones used to be the good girl who has never done anything wrong in her life but then meets her new best friend Faye Emily Craig who lets say isn't the best influence and then Megan meets Faye's friends who are just like Faye and it doesn't help that her best friend has just two years before


1. first day in school back in 2012

"Jess" I scream

"Meg" jess shouts

We run up to each other and hug straight away

"It's so good to finally be in the same school" I smile

"And class" she excitedly says

"Meg" shouts Ella this girl who is always mean to me and I don't know what I have done to her

I look at her and turn away, i see my friend Bethan walking to her new school on her first day I run up to the gates we say hi start a convocation and then a teacher drags me away.

"Don't go by the GATE" she shout

I nod she walks away. Me and jess are just laughing our heads off. A boy who thinks he is amazing walks past and smiles at us, me and jess almost burst into tears we are laughing that much

We walk into the school together laughing and walking stupidly, the teachers and older kids don't care but the girls and some of the lads from my school are looking at us and whispering

"Oh look who's already made a friend" and "what up wi'd da't she just met her and they're like best mates" Ella is just staring at us in shock we go up to her I say

"Would you like a picture it lasts longer?"

And jess goes "it's rude to stare you know"

"You are ?" Ella snaps

"Nicer than you" smiles jess we high five and walk off

"Hi meg" Amy runs up to us and says "can I have word with you... In private"

" nah say it to both of us" I say

"Okay... All the other girls and even lads are sticking together and your over here with her" she says

"And...?" I ask

"Just the girls wanted me to ask why you would make 'besties' already" she says

"Why don't you ask me yourself" I shout in there detection getting annoyed. Amy just nods and runs to her gang, Amy then comes running back and says "they said to tell you that that they are going to tell on you"

"Tell 'em to stop bein' so babyish" I tell Amy "and talk to us them selfs"

She runs,she tells them,they tell her,she runs back

"They said stop being ugly" Amy says

"Tell them to say it to our faces"

She runs,she tells them, they tell her, she runs back

"They said no" Amy tells us

"Quote for a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic" jess explains

"You were finished long before we had even seen the start why don't you stand up be a man about it fight with bear hands about it" I scream at them they looked shocked like "the little meg just fought back" they did that hand flick like I'm amazing too amazing for you

"We still on for this weekend yeah ?" I ask

" 'course!" She says. Eagerly

This weekend was the weekend jess was moving in with us

I was so exited, to celebrate we were going on holiday to the beach in California, we live in Miami, so it's quite far. It would be stupid to go for just a weekend so we are going Thursday evening (no school Friday). And staying till Monday evening (no school Monday) we will be stating with our Aunty Gemma. I'm so exited!!!

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