That's My Sister

Ashlie is Louis half sister and share the same dad. When Louis finds out he has this sister and that she wants to live with him he welcomes her with open arms. Louis becomes over protective when he finds out the boys have been flirting with her. What will happen? Will she do things behind Louis' back? Read on to find out.


1. Chapter 1 - About Me

(pic above is of Ashlie)


*Ashlie's P.O.V*

Hi, I'm Ashlie. My full name is Ashlie Hannah Austin. I know nothing special about my name. Well everyone think there isn't but there is. I am 15 and my big brother is 17. My big brother being Louis, Louis Tomlinson. Yes Louis from X-Factor. We share the same dad. My favorite colour is lilac. My favorite movie would have to be Grease. My favorite Band would be My brother's band and The Fray. I have bluey green eyes and i have browny blonde hair. My favorite subject would have to be Dance or Music. I live in Doncaster. I want to visit dublin. My dad misses Louis alot. Alot has changed since X-Factor. Non of Louis' fans know about me thank goddness for that. Anyway I hardly know Louis but i want to and my dad lets me talk to him. That reminds me my dad is calling me.

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