Love is blind.

I'm Emily Tamayo and I'm 19 years old. I don't work but I go to college. I love One direction so much they are practically my role models. I always wanted to meet them but they never come to LA. I am Mexican american and I live in LA but left to college half a year ago. My mom and dad payed for college and bought me a car. One day I meet Niall horan but not bumped into him I jut met him and things kinda went the other way.....


1. Chapter 1.

Introduction/about myself (character): I am 19 years old, I live in LA but go to college. I have medium length dark brown wavy hair. I am latina and I have dark brown eyes and light tan skin. I have 3 sisters Maddie,Caroline,and Jenna. My parents still live in LA and my sisters are off on their own. I graduated highschool 1 year ago and went straight off to college. OH! And my name is Emily! :)


I twirl my blue pencil in my 2 fingers as I think of what to write on my essay. I was in my dorm studying and writing my essay. My roomate Isabella taps her foot to the music as she writes down in her diary.

"Hey what was your first topic sentence for this essay" I ask her

"Uhh I haven't wrote it yet" she says back

"Oh its so hard especially if its due tomorrow" I say as I write doodley marks on my notebook.

"OH! look in page 534 its shows all the info I totally forgot" she yells

"Thanks Is" I thank her and turn the page it was 4:30pm and we just finished classes.

When I finished all 7 paragraphs I packed my materials and text my sister Jenna. She left to New york with her husband Mike about 2 years ago. I was stuck in college for 3 years I wanted to be a makeup artist but we didn't need all of this english stuff.

"Hey Emily i am gonna go to Mc donalds want something " she asks

"No thanks!" I yell back as she walks away

Its 8:43pm and i get ready for bed its gonna be a long day tomorrow.


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