Rue Mellark

In this book, Katniss never rebelled. (Peeta's still alive, but Katniss and Peeta never went back into the games.) The Capitol still stands, and the Hunger games go on. Katniss had been married to Peeta Mellark, and against all odds, she had a child. Twins to be exact. Primrose and Rue Mellark. It's the 88th Hunger Games, thirteen years since the 75th Hunger Games.


1. Prologue


I look at Rue and Primrose, as they run around in an enclosed patch of the woods. I brought them here, against Peeta's wishes. I think they should see the woods at least one time. It's where I spent most of my childhood.

Rue has her namesake's eyes, golden, with just a hint of a hazel brown. She runs, her brown hair loose and down to her shoulders. 

Prim looks more like her father, then she does me. She has his bright blue eyes and blonde hair. She looks a lot like her aunt, too. That's who she was named.

Rue walks up to me, and smiles. "Momma, can you teach me to shoot?" She questions, looking up at me. I still haven't gotten used to being called Momma. I smile at her.

"When your older, Rue." I tell her. She nods her head, running off to join Prim, who has started to pick the yellow wildflowers that grow in this area.

I know Peeta will be waking any moment. I know I should get them back before he does, but they look so peaceful. I don't want to disturb them. But I should.

"Prim, Rue, let's get back." I call. They turn to look at me, bundles of the sun yellow flowers in their hands. They smile, and run to me. Prim looks up.

"I'm gonna give these to daddy, Momma." She tells me. Rue stares at her, mad.

"I was gonna give these to daddy." She whines. I ruffle her hair, smiling.

"You can both give them to your daddy." I tell them. They smile at each other, then up at me.

"Okay!" They say in unison. I keep them back, as I check to see if the gate was on. After about a minute of listening, I don't hear the hum of electricity. Is end Rue under, first, then Prim. After, I duck under, and we walk back to our house in the Victor's village.

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