Olivia brown and the prisoner of Azkaban

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, and the chamber of secrets.


1. summer... again

This summer went by fast, [which I'm sure everybody in my family enjoyed] and it was mainly because my sisters [Leah and Anna] were going to Hogwarts this year, and spent most of the time daydreaming about Harry Potter, and about which house they'd be in. They asked me everything! It get's a little annoying really quickly! Then they each got to pick out the animal they would bring, and I knew at the beginning of the summer who would be sorted into which house, and which animal they would get. Easy! Anna is more of a tom-boy, and so she would get a frog, and I know that we will all be in the same house, [gryffendor] and Leah would defiantly get a cat. No way was she going to get a filthy bird, that made noise like crazy, or a slimy frog. Me and Leah are like carbon copies of each other, in attitude. But she does have brown hair, and green eyes. While I have golden blond hair, and ice blue eyes. But Anna, is a lot like her sister. They are identical. What can I say, I get my looks from my Dad, they get them from my Mom. But anyways, we were all excited to get to go on the train back to Hogwarts!

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