The Day I Died

Kat Beeker was a 16 year old girl with social anxiety. She had two best friends: Aaron and her mom, Hazel. After her crappy father left the two, Kat and Hazel got closer every day. For the most part she was a normal teenage girl, until the day she died.


4. Past, Present, and Future

          "Hey you. Wake up already."

 Groggily stirring, I awoke in a place that didn't seem familiar. "Where am I? Wait...Who's there?" As far as I could see, no one was anywhere in sight, so who had woken me up?

          "I do not have a physical form. There are many names human beings vhoose to call me throughout their lives. The universe, nature, the in-between, God, Lucifer, the afterlife... Who am I to you?"

          "I - I don't know... I've never put any thought into it. So I gather that I'm dead?"

  There was a pause in the conversation where I took a chance to look around at my surroundings. I was in awe. The sun was setting, casting a pink and orange glow across the clouds and trees all around. The trees were ancient and taller than skyscrapers. The grass and leaves were a soft forest green that looked extremely healthy...almost with a glow to them. It was slightly eerie how, for lack of a better word, perfect the whole place seemed.

          "It depends. Do you want to be?" the voice that was neither male nor female asked me.

          "Hmm. Good question. Where is Aaron?"

          "Your friend is currently in surgery but will survive. Will you?"

          "Could I think about it for a little while? I don't know if I want to go back..."

          "I see. I shall keep your body in a comatose state until you have made up your mind. In the mean time, would you like to see your mother?"

          "My - my what? She'"

          "If here is there and there is here."

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