The Day I Died

Kat Beeker was a 16 year old girl with social anxiety. She had two best friends: Aaron and her mom, Hazel. After her crappy father left the two, Kat and Hazel got closer every day. For the most part she was a normal teenage girl, until the day she died.


1. Memories

          "Kat! Kat! Get up! HURRY!"


          "Kat, now!"

  In the distance I could hear sirens blasting, but my mind was in too much of a drunken haze to register anything going on. Last night was the first time I had ever gotten drunk and I may have gone a little overboard....


  My subconscious heard the desperation in her voice in between coughs but it was barely working. Memories of last night were slowly coming back to me. I'm only 16, why did I get so wasted?

  Now Hazel was shaking my body in an attempt to wake me.... Wait, what was going on? Suddenly I breathed in tons of smoke and understood. I jumped out of bed so fast that I threw up all over the floor. That didn't matter now, Hazel was standing in front of me, sobbing, and our house was on fire.

          "Hazel what happened?!" I could hear my voice but didn't recognize it....I sounded shaky and scared.

          "No time, let's go." She was coughing horribly and looked terrible. It wouldn't be long before she would collapse from lack of fresh air.

  We heard the voices of some firemen coming to rescue us...We were almost there...Down the stairs...So close.

          "You ladies all right?" asked one of the firemen, as he reached for my hand to help me through the wreckage.

          "Yeah but Hazel needs some help soon."

          "Don't worry, we have an ambulance right outside."

  That's when I heard it: The deafening crash and painful scream that would change my life forever. I whipped around screaming, "MOM!" just in time to watch the only family I had, get crushed by a burning piece of wood.

  Tears rushed down my face as I ran towards Hazel's lifeless body but the fireman grabbed me by the waist and dragged me outside, away from the house, away from my childhood, and away from her.

          "Oh can you tell, I haven't slept very well since the last time that we spoke, you said, 'Please understand if I see you again, don't even say hello.' Please."

          "Ugh. Shut up," I moaned while shutting off my alarm. Great. Another dream about last May.

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