One Direction are vampires!

Emily is just your average teenage witch. Wait that's not average? Oops. Well she loves One Direction, they are pretty average, right? That's what Emily thought before she went to one of their concerts.......


3. Evil Chickens

I woke up and yawned. I snuggled deeper into my pillow. huh that's weird I didn't know pillows moved. I sat up and realized I had been sleeping on Louis' chest. He looked so cute when he slept. wait did I just call my kidnapper cute? no no no! I can't have a crush on him but he is so cute the way his feathery brown hair is windswept to the side and his beautiful blue eyes.. no! stop thinking that! I mentally slapped myself. I then got up and stretched. i might as well eat breakfast i started walking when i tripped over something or should i say someone and face planted onto the carpet . It was Niall and to my surprise he didnt wake up. why on earth is he on the floor? there are plenty of couches and recliners. I crawled over to his head and whispered in his ear "Evil chickens are chasing you." of course I used some of my magic so he would actually be dreaming about evil chickens chasing him. "No!" He said in his sleep "I didn't mean to eat your wife!" I giggled I love having powers. I walked down the hall and into the kitchen the clock on the microwave said 6:48. I always wake up early. I walked over to the cabinet and found some peanut butter then I started frying the bacon when the bacon was done I spread the peanut butter all over it. mmm yummy! I then went into the living room again and started to eat. then I turned on the TV and put it on sponge bob. It was just my luck that they just started the show so of course I sang the song at the top of my lungs. Their eyes snapped open simaltainiously it was freaky. "Good Morning sleepy heads!" I yelled. "NOOOO!!!" Niall yelled. the boys looked at him with wtf looks. Niall then brought his knees up to his chest and started rocking back and forth mumbling "Evil chickens everywhere!" I laughed "have any bad dreams Niall?"  I asked he looked at me with wide eyes and ran screaming into the other room. I proceded to laugh my ass off. "What did you do to Niall?!" Harry said angrily glaring at me. "He just had a nightmare about evil chickens, duh" I said. 

(Authors Note sorry it took so long! Also sorry it's short. The next one will be longer!)


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