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A girl named Y/n meets Justin Bieber they become friends instantly but then things go wrong✌️


1. You know my name not my story



hi I'm y/n i live in LA today me and my bestfriend zoey are going to a justin bieber concert.Im so happy I'm finally gonna meet my idol I've dreamed about this for 1 week and now I'm gonna live my dream.

DAY BEFORE THE CONCERT: (phone call to zoey) "OMG ZOEY TOMMOROW IS THE CONCERT" you say jumping up and down "ik i cant wait what are we gonna wear" says zoey "how about you come over and we can decide" "ok see ya soon" (end of phone call) 15 min later... "y/n zoeys here" your mom says "coming" you run down stairs and grab zoey and run back up stairs "ok so what should we wear?" zoey asks " idk lets look thru my closet" you say you guys go to the closet and look thru it zoey finds a pair of red skinnys with a black shirt that says "swag" and some jordans "idk about you y/n but im wearing this" a few minutes later you find a purple crop top that shows a little stomach and some white shorts and some purple supras. "omg y/n thats so cute" zoey says you giggle ''ik"


you and zoey are dressed and heading to the concert "omg were actually hear" you scream you go in side and enjoy the concert then all of the sudden someone taps your shoulder "do yo want to be the one less lonely girl" asks a women "YESS I WOULD LOVE TO" you say and jump up an down she leads you back stage "by the way im allison" she says "im y/n nice to meet you" you say while shaking her hand then chaz and ryan help the crew take you on stage you sit in the chair and the person you came for is there. you start to cry tears of joy he puts a crown on your head and sings to you and says "whats your name beautiful" "y/n" you say shyly "thats a beautiful name" he says and you blush "everyone give it up for y/n" everyone cheers an claps the light go off "i would love to see you at the m&g later be last in line" he says you nod and wait till the shows over

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