It is multiple poetry-ish thoughts on the same subject.

Tell me what you think about it.


1. I can't,it won't

It’s like if my mouth was sealed

I can’t unleash the thoughts

Like someone blocked the opening to the rivers where from the inspiration flows

It’s all there

There, not here

All the way down to my fingertips, but the letters bounces off, before they even get to taste the delicate paper

It’s all in my head

In my mind

The idea about you

The feeling

I get the chills up and down spine

Like a cold, silent breath

It awakes my body

But it’s locked up

In my mind

I feel it rushing in my blood

I can taste it, when I breath

It’s the rhythm of my heartbeat

It circulates in my body

It’s a part of me

A part I can’t live without

It’s not material

It’s not anything

Anything at all

But it’s there

And if I let it flow out of my fingertips, it’ll be one with the air

It will spread and before I’ll realise it, it’ll be gone

Hidden in the invisible

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