Fanged//A Zayn Malik AU


1. Chapter One

Hi guys! This is my new AU Fanged! I hope y'all like it! Please be sure to vote/comment and tell me what you think! Thanks xx



Chapter One

My head pulsed with pain, each heartbeat bringing the throbbing back even worse than before. My mouth was dry, my throat like sandpaper, but I had no means to quench my ever growing thirst. I screwed my eyes shut, trying to block out the tidal waves of agony that washed over me. Leather straps dug into my wrists, keeping me tied to the cold metal slab. A small, quiet whimper left my lips and tears began to fall from my eyes.

"Shhh, my love, it'll all be over soon..." A deep, accented voice tried to soothe me, but it only startled me more. Sobs shook my body now, and I didn't try to quiet them as my whimpers became louder. Fear gripped my heart as I saw a shadow approach from the left, the only source of light in the room being a small moonlit window.

"Please," I wept, the word broken by my cries. A hand ran through my hair and down my neck, raising chill bumps all over my frail body. He leaned forward and pressed frigid lips to my forehead, his hands cupping my cheeks.

"Hold still, my sweet Wendy, this won't hurt," he murmured against my skin before pulling away and raising one of his wrists to his lips. In the dim lighting, I saw a flash of fangs, and I heard a sickening rip of flesh as he bit into his own wrist. Dark droplets of blood fell onto the concrete below his feet as he shuffled towards me, his wrist over my mouth.

I screamed before he placed his arm over my lips, forcing the dark, metallic liquid down my throat as I squirmed beneath him. My tears flowed faster as I tried to fight back but was unsuccessful as more blood oozed down my throat. My body wretched at the foul taste, and I screamed even though it was muffled.

When he finally pulled away, he yet again raised his arm to his mouth and cleaned the wound with his tongue, his eyes still locked on me. I still wept, my eyes trained on him, watching him in fear. My lips were stained with his blood, and my teeth were coated in the taste of it. He stepped towards me again and pressed a soft kiss to my forehead, and I flinched at the contact.

He leaned farther down to brush his lips against mine, and I felt myself lean into him as my instincts took over, even in my weakened state. My lips tingled with the sweetness of his kiss and the taste of his blood mixed with his saliva as he deepened the kiss. Suddenly, I jerked away, my eyes full of fear and anger. I said nothing, but watched him warily as he gazed at me.

He pressed another kiss to my cheek, whispering,

"Goodnight, Gwendolyn." As he stood and walked away, I screamed, begging to be released as the change took over my body. Searing pain unlike anything I'd ever felt before ate away at my body as I called out for him.


The dreams were normal now. Each night, the ember-eyed, raven-haired man invaded my sleep, and every morning, I woke just as shaken and frightened as the day before. During the days, I caught up on my sleep, still with the fear of him haunting me again.

This morning was no different. As I climbed into of my car, I felt the familiar waves of exhaustion wash over me, with the usual aftershock of dull aches following. My lack of sleep had turned into dull, pulsing headaches, which then grew into full-body pains. Even the small motion of turning the steering wheel shot pain through me. As I threw my bag over my shoulder and began walking towards the school, I glanced around. A cool, early morning breeze whipped my hair around my face, also sending a chill down my back.

"Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!" Blair's voice rang from behind me, and I stopped, turning to face her while plastering a fake smile onto my lips. I was in no mood for her cheeriness. "Did you hear about the new guy? He's hot!" She gasped, her eyes wide and her breathing loud and dramatic.

"Hm, won't believe it till I see it. Your hot scale is untrustworthy. Remember last year's crush?" I raised an eyebrow and smirked at her face.

"Do not speak of it!" She chirped and we both broke into laughter as we pushed through the crowded hallways. We continued our banter as we took our seats in the first class of the day, but fell silent as the bell screamed in the hallway. As the hours went on, I began to feel even worse, and I would doze off into an uneasy, uncomfortable sleep every now and then.

"Miss Bay? Why don't you go splash some cool water on your face to wake you up; my class is not nap period, need I remind you," Mr. Stanley spoke, his eyes glaring at me. I nodded hesitantly before shuffling out of the classroom and stumbling down the empty hallway.

My eyes grew heavy as the throbbing in my head doubled in strength, making me wince and tears well in my eyes. As I shuffled around the corner, I slammed into a chest and the breath was all but knocked out of me. Large, calloused hands gripped my biceps, but as soon as his skin met mine, instant relief flooded through me. My aches subsided and my body became alert and awake.

I jolted my eyes open and looked up to meet a pair of cold ember eyes staring back at me. His body tensed and his eyes flashed with something--recognition, maybe?--but then went back to they're original stoic look.

"I-I..." I stammered, looking up at the man who had kept me up for at least the last month and a half.

Zayn, my subconscious reminded me.

"Are you alright?" His deep, raspy voice asked, his eyes piercing into me. I nodded and shakily tried to speak, but flinched as a bile rose in my throat. My eyes went blurry as I convulsed, and emptied my breakfast all over his shoes. I dared to glance back up at him as I processed what had just happened. With one look at his cold, desolate eyes, I whimpered and fled into the girls' bathroom, which just so happened to be right beside the accident.

A few moments later, I heard Blair's squeal of surprise as she ran to my side and pulled my hair back in a ponytail as I hunched over the toilet still. My throat burnt with acid, my eyes watered, but all I cared about was him.

"Where is he?" I managed to choke out between pants. Blair furrowed her brow.

"Oh! The new kid?" I nodded. "He went to get changed, I think. Ya kinda blew chunks all over his shoes and pants," she pointed out. I glared at her.

"Yeah, I was kinda there, Blair," I snapped and sat back against the cool tiling of the wall.

"God, that was so embarrassing," I groaned, my head in my hands. Blair sat beside me, offering a packet of saltines she'd probably stolen from the cafeteria. I took them and began to nibble on the ends, my appetite gone.

After the whole package of crackers had been forced down, Blair escorted me to my car. It was him. The man who I seemed to know well enough that I cried out for him when I was in pain. As I slid into my car, I turned to look at her, my lips aching to ask the question I'd been wondering since I saw him.

"Blair?" I asked, and she raised an eyebrow. "What's his name?" I spoke quietly and buckled my seatbelt.

"Zayn, I think. Zayn Malik."

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