Gorgeous Nightmare

This is a fan fiction for a guitarist in a band called escape the fate but even if you don't know who that is if you like edgey guys you should enjoy this


1. His First Day

"Blair honey, wake up." My mother gently shook my shoulder. Wait for it.... "BLAIR GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP AND GET TO SCHOOL!!!" she hits me with my 'Hello kitty' pillow repentantly. "Okay I'm up!!" I sit up and look around my room at all the posters. I smile faintly. Music is part of the reason I get up in the morning. That in the crazy colors I plan on dying my hair. Today I have bright red. I shower and put my make-up on. My blue eyes shine threw my dark eyeliner. As I pull my blue skinny jeans on over my skinny legs I feel hungry. No time to eat. Will be late. I grab my bag and run out the door just as my bus pulls away. And it starts to rain. Fabulous. I run to school (about 20 minutes away by foot in the pouring rain) as I reach home room the tardy bell rings. I sigh and walk into the class room full of judgemental 15 and 16 year olds. "Mrs. Radkin your late." Mr. Trillaby says, "Please, take your seat. Today you will partner up with Mr. Bell, our new student." I sigh and take my seat as a bang sounds. Mr. Trillaby yanks the door open, "ah I see you care to finally join us Mr. Bell", I can't see who he is talking to until he walks in trailing behind Trillaby. His tight shirt had a few buttons at the top (they were not buttoned) and was a dark color of purple, his black jeans low on his hips, even though he was whereing a studded belt, and his black converses were old and rugged. He had dark red hair and was holding his bag on his shoulder with his hand. "Class this is Tj Bell he will be joining our home room class. Please help him. He doesn't know how to use doors." Trillaby said and the class erupted into laughter. "Take your seat next to Blair over in the back." Trillaby points out and he turns his back to the class and begins scribbling things on the bored. Tj takes the open seat next to me and scribbles on paper and shoves it in my direction. 'Is he always that way?' It reads, I nod and he surpresses a laugh. He is really attractive. His long sleeves are rolled up and he is whereing beaded braclets and a scull shaped ring. I zone out until the end of first period when the bell rings to snap me back into reality.

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