Olivia brown and the chamber of secrets

This is a sequel to Olivia Brown and the Philosophers stone!


1. summer

In my last book, I didn't talk much about summer, but this summer was different, Just because I knew what to expect.I knew who would be my teachers,except the defense against the  dark arts teacher.

I knew what kind of stuff I'd have to do and which teachers would give out more homework and what my day looked like. This summer I really had nothing to do. I would sit down and just talk with my younger sister, Leah, about Hogwarts, and a bunch of other stuff. I'd also listen to music, practice spells, and all of that stuff. It was a very long summer. Way too long! But once school started, it was all back to normal! But Leah was excited, because it was her last year at her normal school. I guess she wasn't too happy about having to share my books when she did go to Hogwarts, but when you have 5 kids in your family, you have to be thrifty. But anyways, once summer was over, back to school, again. 

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