Emma has had a bad past. One so bad that she doesn't like to talk or think about it for it brings her to tears. But when she is given a second chance at a better live will she ruin it all over again with yet another bad boy or will Emma fall in love with a sweet loving Irish singer.


1. new beginning

Emma's P.O.V

"Emma! Wake up! You have to leave now if you want to make it to that concert on time!" My mum yelled. Crap! I forgot! I flew out of bed and jumped in the shower only taking time to wash what was needed. When I was finished, I got out and stared at myself in the mirror. Long curly brown hair, bright blue eyes.. My mother looked nothing like me. It made me wonder who my dad was. I wasn't allowed to ask mum knowing she would be cross if I did. So I never asked.

My eyes wandered to the long scar that was left on my shoulder. Wanting to get off the subject, I walked across the hall to my room where I pulled on my undergarments and a bright floral jumper with yellow skinny jeans and pale pink vans. This was normal. I wasn't one to dress dark.

I let my loose curls glow around my shoulders and waist and ran down the stairs. The scent of waffles filled my nose and I saw jack and mum eating at the kitchen table. I sat down next to jack and picked a plate of waffles eager to finish and get to my concert that started in an hour.

Table conversations where normal mum and my brother jack were careful not to mention my past knowing it would bring me to tears. When breakfast was done, I grabbed my purse and keys and my 1D backstage pass and ticket and left.

The car ride was long taking me 45 minutes to get me from Manchester to London. I spent the car ride dreaming of one direction and singing their songs. I wasn't bad actually my voice was strong and light so I was told.

I was dreaming and wondering what it would be like to meet one direction when I realised that I had made it to the performance arena. Thousands of fans were cheering and screaming and crying while I was standing there speechless. I had only heard of one direction last week when my new friend introduced me to their brilliant music.

Author's note

Hey guys sorry for the crappy introduction. Can't wait to read you comments!:-)

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