I Will Conquer You

Legolas and five of his Elf friends receive a challenge. A challenge to beat a warrior that has arisen and no one can withstand, but what happens when they fall in love with a girl. A girl that is a part of Legolas's past.


1. Chapter 1

"Legolas! Legolas!"

"Yes, father?"

"Oh, here you are!" King Thranduil exclaimed upon seeing his son.

"Did you want something father?"

"Ah, yes. I almost forgot. Legolas, are you ready for a quest? You and your comrades must face a challenge."

"What challenge? Another human warrior? An army of orcs? Goblins? A crazy wizard? Some old forgotten evil?"

"No. An elfish warrior. No one knows his identity and he has never been beaten."

"Tss. Easy. We'll be back in a few days."

"I would not be so sure of myself if I were you, son. His reputation is perfect. Not a single lost battle. Ever."

"I shall set out at once father and will be back in a few days. Trust me."

"Farewell son."

"Farewell father."


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