Picture This

Hi, I'm Lily and I am One Direction's photographer.


1. About Me!!



        Hi, my name is Lily Patterson! Here are a few things you should know about me:

        1. I grew up in Sacramento, California with my mom, dad, and sister(they will come in on some            chapters).

        2. I am a bookworm and love genres that can be from love to action to sci-fi.

        3. My favorite shows are Doctor Who, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, and lots of old kids                shows.

        4.When I am bored, I got to my laptop most of the time to go on to tumblr.

        5. I have a job working for One Direction as their photographer and so I travel a lot.

        6. After turning 18, I moved out of my old house to live in London to pursue my dreams.

        7. My favorite color is green.

        8. I love to skateboard.

        9. I love all kinds of music except for country.

       I have light brown hair that is dyed blonde at the tips that ends at my lower back and green                eyes with blue and yellow specks in them. Weird, but pretty cool. But I wear glasses. I guess            you could say I am an average weight, though. So I guess that's enough about me,but if you              have, questions just ask.

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