I know it gets better... But when

This is a story about a depressed girl



I look up to see a screaming sister but I don't hear her over my music thankfully. She eventually realized that I couldn't hear her and she ripped out my ear buds. "You useless little shit why the hell do you have to go around listing to your stupid emo music we where trying to tell you that I wanted to go to Disney land so you better go get your stupid little shit quick because we're all waiting for you" I quickly got out of pjs and into a pair of worn black skinnys a supernatural tee and a leather jacket with a rainbow belly just to add a little more color besides my sea green hair put in contacts quick I liner and mascara and ran out in sandals. So we get to Disneyland and I realized I forgot my pass at home they could all tell by the way I reacted and then my sister had to go around and make it worse by practically yelling to the whole Disneyland park "YOU STUPID LITTLE SHIT WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO GO AROUND SCREWING THINGS UP ALL THE TIME!!!". I had to go over to the ticket booth and get my complementary ones. We went inside California adventures and got to the bread factory (the whole reason we came) we got our bread and sat outside to eat. They where all talking about random things and I was clearly not in the conversation so I put my earbuds in and listen to music again and then all of a sudden Natalia wanted to go home when we had only been there for an hr when she wanted to leave. It's always her way and my parents just do what she wants them to and when she dose something bad they don't care but I do something mediocre and there all over that shit for months. I hate them all so much they make me want to kill myself but i have managed to stay alive because of my few friends that actually care about what happens to me... There my real family. Not these shit bags. When we got home my dad approaches me and says " oh by the way since you have been so disconnected of me and the family you won't be able to listen to music when were all together you have to sit there and talk with us" I feel like shooting my self with a shotgun I don't want to listen to them criticize me to my face and expect me not to react because If I did they would beat me to the ground so yeah I had a piece of shit day. The next day I woke up to a phone call,it was my boy friend kellin.

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