Onset of winter


1. Snowflakes

        The snowflakes falling like

        feathers of fallen white angel

        the white blanket covering the

        mother earth to keep her warm


        The shrubs and bushes burying

        deep into earth for survival

        the tree branches decked in pearly snow

        languidly moving like pregnant women


        The bird perching on the snowy branch

        waiting for the call of it's mate to come

         the children with snow balls in hands

         engaged in mock battles for victory


        The shelterless shivering and cursing

         their fate for the miserable plight

         the teenage lovers trying to feel the

         body warmth  through heavy woolens


         The winter is it a curse or a blessing ?

          who knows the answer ? It all depends

          but it is undoubtedly a cold blessing

          from the warm heart of The Almighty





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