New world

Hello my name is Marie Alexa.I was born in Holmes Chapel.My mothers name is Isabell my father died in a car accident and thats why i moved to holmes chapel because i used to live in long island.

I had a boyfriend named JD Justin i loved him he loved me to we were a happy couple but thats what i thought... Few months later i found out he was going out with the biggest slut on the school named Gaby Ross it was the worst day of my life.

That day i told my best friend wasnt ganna love ever again because i didnt trust no boys but everyday or should i say week a different came up to me and ask me out but i always rejected them.

Untill one day this curlied haired boy moved to my school the school name is The Ross High School that day i felt something...


6. Chapter 5


Wow i didnt feel anything in that kiss it doesn't mean anything cause i don't like Marie no more im sorry for her but i just don't feel that same no more about her i just make myself think that.

Marie's best friend made her way up to me and told me she knew what i was doing to marie and that is cheat on her with the most prettiest girl in the school its Gaby Ross i cant believe im going out with her.

Bri Marie's best friend slapped me on the face a punched me were no man should be punched but even tho she did it she doesnt care she did cause of what she knows.

How does she know i never told her maybe she saw me kiss gaby in the hallways and didnt tell me she knows but i know shes ganna tell her its her best friend come on i know that.

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