The chance no one thought she had


1. the first day on the bus

I woke up and got ready that summer my mom had let me start wearing makeup so I woke up and put on some cute clothes and makeup from my naked2 pallet and Mary-k foundation and a light red lipstick I streightenes my hair and then pulled it up in a pony tail so my mom would not be mad about it I walked to the kitchen and grabbed my binder I didn't need to bring all of them because it was the first day I walked to the end of my drive way and waited for my friend tanner we walked to the bus stop together every day we were like best friends I was happy about going to school because the year before my best friend told the boy I like that I liked him and he said that he liked me too but he couldn't date until 6th grade so I was planning on dating him this year I got on the bus and sat in the seat across from my friend Megan she smiled at me and didn't talk I leaned over and said

Marley: why can't we talk

Megan: Bella says that the bus driver is toatally mean and will not tolerate talking in the morning

And as soon as she said that the bus stoped

Marley: oh shit he saw us talking

But he didn't he was picking another kid up I looked up and it was one of the most popular girls in school Molly I looked over at her and I just new that she was not going to sit next to me then she walked over and plopped down next to me

Marley: um hi

Molly: hi you are the girl that's friends with brook right

Marley: I'm yea why

Molly: she is really cool

Marley: yea she is

I leaned back and played graal on my phone

Molly: what's that

Marley: graal

Molly: cool what do you do

Marley: run around and kill people and trash talk them

The bus driver stopped the bus in a church parking lot that's in my naborhood his name was bill but we all call him B

B: okay 6th graders so you are now on a bus that has diffrent rules and I'm not mad about this morning because you didn't know but when I'm picking kids up there is to be no talking but after we are on the highway you guys can talk and in the afternoon you all can talk after the middle school high school and the 9th graders have been picked up are we understood

Whole Bus: yes sir

Except for john he is like my brother he texted me and said he was going to be bad



we all laughed when Molly asked if she could play graal I let her and we talked about it she was really nice

Molly: want to sit with me and the girls at lunch today

Marley: sure

Molly: okay

Megan looked at me and started to motion TXT ME!! Molly gave me my phone I txted her

Megan/ L Marley/ M

L. What did she say

M. Asked if I could eat lunch with them

L. No u can not

M. Y not

L. Hello we have to get in with the teachers pirinceton isn't just handed to you

M. But I have worked my ass off all my life and all summer I think it's been 4 weeks since I ever looked at my phone

L. Okay and we have to worry about grades

M. I get good grades no matter what

L. But here the teachers are mean.

M. And I can not eat with a pop

Pop was the name of there group

L. No u can not eat with a pop

M. Meg u know that I have never been popular

L. Well u can be popular with any one elese just not a pop

M. Good god meg

L. We have class

Molly. He meg want to eat with us today at lunch

Megan: UM SURE

Texts agin

L. Never mind u can eat with them

M. Kk I will

A/n y'all this book is based on a true story only with diffrent names bc they don't know about this book I have been working on this for a long long time

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