Central Beginnings || One Direction Fan Fiction

A new Girl Band won a contest to open for one direction! Soon, the boys fall in love with the girls, and the girls feel the same way. Tears, Drama, Happiness, and Love.


1. Chapter 1: Goodbyes

"Today we are saying goodbye to 5 girls from RestRose Doncaster High, let them leave by wishing them a great time opening for one direction! Singing A Cover of SkyScraper By Demi Lovato, here is Brystol Raihn, Maia Rivers, Tess Mitchell, Reagan Stone, and Destiny Lee. This is Central Beginnings!"

I begin my intro. "Skies are crying, I am watching, catching year drops in my hands. Only Silence, As it's ending, like we never had a chance. Do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me?" The rest of the girls break into chorus, Maia on KeyBoard, Tess on Drums, Reagan on Guitar, Destiny and I on lead vocals. 

Destiny sings the next verse. "As the smoke clears, I awaken and untangle you from me. Would it make you feel better to watch me while I bleed? All my windows still are broken, but I'm standing on my feet."

The rest of the song is sang and we return to my house to say goodbye to our families. The tour bus will be coming to get us tomorrow morning. I walk over to my baby sister, Talia. "Babydoll, I will skype you every night I have a big show, alright love?" She nods. "Brystol, will you tell Zayn I said hello? It would make my summer!" For a 6 year old, she was sure into boy bands, I think to myself. "Of Course I will, darling. Maybe he'll skype you with me!" 

After we said our goodbyes, we went to my room. "So, this is it." Maia announced. I smiled. "This is it. Do we have our set list?" We were only singing covers for the tour, as we hadn't written any original songs yet. Reagan handed me a paper with the songs on it.


Wrecking Ball


Say Something

As Long As You Love Me'

Since we were opening for them, we were only allowed to sing about 4 songs, so that's what chose. The boys weren't all that older than us really, we graduated early in order to go on tour, we were grade 12 anyways. 

"Here's to a new life, a new day, and a new band." Tess said, raising her glass of juice. I laughed, "Cheers!" and we all raised our beverages. "Goodnight everyone!" I announced, and crawled into my sleeping bag. "Goodnight!" They all replied, and the lights shut off. 

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