My love for perrie edwards

Could this really be happening has the bad boy of the school stole my heart and I have found my true love read to find out.


1. meeting perrie.

I was at school and some blonde was staining at me I winked at her and she turned back around to the front. Then the bell rang but after everyone left I pulled the blonde into a class room and locked the door. She asked me why I did that I said you are going to be my girlfriend. I said no way your the school bad boy u hook up with all the girls in the school then brake up with them. I asked blonde what her name was she said her name was perrie. And I said my name is zayn. I said nice to meet you perrie she said to me it's not nice to meet u though. And I said listen and pushed her against the wall and said listen you are going to go on a date with me or eles. I said fine I will go out then he took my phone and put his number In my phone contacts then he gave my phone back and we headed to out lockers to go home.

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