Read to find out. Will right one of these once I get an Idea.


1. Sitting in A corner

It's dark in here. I try to slow my breathing, but it seems like everyone can hear me. Can he hear me. I hear a door open and footsteps. Oh  Gosh, he's gonna find me. Shhhh I have to be quiet, he'll take me. Use me. I have to go. "Haley I'll find you. It'll be easier for you and me if you come out." Don't listen. He has no power over you. I wanna scare him, make him sorry that he's trying to take me. I reach out. I feel him, I say to him in his head, "You're right, it would be easier if I came out. But, easy isn't fun." 

I open the closet door slowly as he's running out the bedroom door to look where "my" voice came from. To find me, use me. I run to the door he just ran out of and shut it. Then I break the door handle off.  Ugh, stupid me that was sooooo loud.  I run to my dresser and pull out a extra pair of faded jeans, a t-shirt that says "I love me some Pepsi", my black hoodie, and grab out a pair of sneakers. I ram the cloths into my pack.  I should probably grab food, but I'm pretty Jake kill me for stealing $500. Hey but a girls gotta eat.

I put my shoes on, run to my window. I look back to my bedroom or what was mine. I crawl out the window. Jump off the roof and roll. Then I take off in to the darkness.

Goodbye life. Gotta Run.

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