Is he the one?

Being kidnapped by the one and only zayn malic and not knowing he did it but then started to get raped crazy right.


3. I wouldn't mind if u did it.

After harry told me he was sorry about how zayn raped me. Then I said thanks I said to harry that I didn't Mind if he raped me so ten harry smiles and then took all of his cloths off and got on top of me. I started to moan and grown then I said to harry that it felt good. Then harry started to give me love bites and I moaned a little more than it told him he had soft lips he said thanks then he got off of me and we both got dressed and walked down stairs. By the time we walked down the stair 3 boys where sitting on the couch harry introduced me he said Kate this is Niall, Liam, and Louis I said nice to meet u . They said nice to meet you too.

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