Is he the one?

Being kidnapped by the one and only zayn malic and not knowing he did it but then started to get raped crazy right.


1. meeting him

As I was walking along the road a person grabbed me into a dark alley but before I could see who it was I was knocked out. When I woke up a curly cute guy picked me up and carried me into a house and up to a strange room. When I was there I asked him what his name was he said harry. I said my name is kate and nice to meet you.then harry walked away when I came back harry had a wash cloth and started to wiped the blood off my face and I said thanks he said how do u feel I said I feel much better. Then harry said sorry about what happen zayn my friend knocked u out and dragged you into the dark alley. Then zayn knocked on te door and walked in I hid behind harry then zayn walked closer and said sorry for kidnapping you I just though you were really hot I said thanks.

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