Before Harry's time

Have you ever wondered what Lily Evans life was like, how did she take it when she found out that she was ''different''. This is the story of Lily Evans and how she created the most famous wizard in the 20th century.
Completely made up-Only some infomatin is used from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
All rights reserved to Warner Bros and JK Rowling please don't steal my idea


1. Flower Petal

Authors note: Hey there this Movella will mostly be written in Lily's point of view unless stated. It starts just before Snape talks to Lily. WARNING If you haven't read Deathly Hallows spoilers about Snape are going to come up.

I remember when I first showed my sister Petunia that I could move the flower, we were playing in the park. Trying to get our swing higher then each other when I thought I saw someone in the bush, I tried to see closer,but I couldn't see a thing so I instantly jumped of the swing. I should have her myself, at least twisted my ankle because I was high up when I jumped off,but I didn't. I was fine, I'm unusual like that I can do weird freaky things. Petunia, my sister slowed down on the swing before jumping off. 

'What is it, Lily' She asked, peering at me. I smiled and said nothing for a second, still staring at the bush, but I couldn't see anything.

'Nothing. I just thought I saw something move in the bushes,it must've been a cat.'I reply 

'Oh' Came the reply.

I suddenly picked a flower of a bush and giggled to myself. I was going to make Petunia awfully frightened. 

'Look what I can do' I call to her and then I open my palm showing the flower in my hand. Petunia quickly moved in and then I moved the flower with my hand, closing it and then opening it again. Instead of being scared or even laughing Petunia's face showed disgust.

'Stop it LILY! You're such a freak' She yelled at me . I felt tears form in my eyes when suddenly I heard a voice.

'She's not a freak, she's a witch'

A/N Sorry this is such a bad chapter,but it's 3:13 am and I'm really tired, also sorry if I didn't get the lines exactly right. I haven't read harry Potter in a long time,but I think that's what they roughly said. Update tomorrow    

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