The date!

Nialls wants to have a special date with you!


1. the surprise date!

Few days after, Niall calls you and wants to take you out and the location is a surprise And you're like omg but you have to keep calm because you want him to conquer your heart, so you say "sure why a surprise?" And he says "well I can't tell you right cuz it won't be a surprise" and you agreed! Later on you call Louis to know if he knows what Niall is up too and he says " well I think it will be a surprise right?" And you just accept the fact that it's a surprise!!! But you don't know what to wear classic, normal because you don't know what kind of activities you'll do or where so you say I'll just wear a cute dress and do my hair curly... Then the day comes , the surprise , Niall calls you and he says I'll pick you up at 3? And you says sure but why 3 isn't early? So at 3 you're ready and he's there right and he puts something to cover your eyes up and he puts you in the car gently..... Few hours later, you talk in the car with him.... Niall gets you out of the car makes you go up couples of steps and he makes you enter somewhere with still yours eyes blinded then he takes it out and you réalise you are in a beautiful museum and he reserved it and you are a passionate by history and life , this was the best surprise he could have done for you and then he takes you to the Africa zone with real animals (in cage) you see this gorgeous little table set up for you , you have dinner ,you laugh you giggled, you smile, blush name it then after he takes you to the Egypt part and then he tells you an ancient story that the mistress of the pharon*(king of Egypt) fell in love with priest and ppl were against it and they wanted to momified them so they killed each other like Romeo ans Juliette and you fell sad but then to put up a smile on your face he kissed you and kissed you again and he whispered "I love you"

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