Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


1. Chapter 1.


 Harry’s POV

It’s a rainy day in November..

When I came into my new home WolverHampton.

Me and mom came down here because my mom and dad are divorced.. My sister was staying with my dad and I was coming with my mom..


I take my suitcases and walk upstairs..

Mom said I could choose with room I would take and I took the biggest ..

I open up my door and I walk in a room with many windows.. The evening light was just lighting the whole room.. I like it..


I lay my suitcase down on my new double bed and zip him open.. The first thing I see is my photo frame..

I take it and sit down on my bed..  Me, my sister and my parents are on the picture..

I sit down on my bed and a single tear slips out of my eye.. I just want my parents back together..


I lay down on my bed because tomorrow is a big day. I’m going to my new school.. I try to sleep but I can’t.. After a while of turning around and thinking, I finely fall asleep with tears in my eyes..


I wake up from the rain and the very strong breeze against my window. I check my  phone  and it’s only 6AM. I let out a load groan

1.    Because my head hurts from crying yesterday and 2. Because it’s much too early!


I walk downstairs and I boil some water for my Yorkshire tea..

I love Yorkshire tea! I open the fridge and take the milk.. Now I walk to the closet were the cookies lay and I grab some with chocolate.. I smile because I love chocolate! I sit down at the table with  my cup of tea and I look outside it’s still raining..

When my cup is empty I walk to the bathroom.. I strip all my clothes of once I get there.. A nice long hot shower.. The hot water is streaming down and I get under it.. After a long shower I get the towel and wrap it around my hips..

I walk to my bedroom to pick my clothes out of my suitcase.. I take my black skinny jeans and my purple t-shirt with “Jack Wills” on it.. And ofcourse a pair of black convers..

I walk downstairs to find my mom sitting at the kitchen table..


‘Hi Haz! Had a nice sleep?’

‘Not really’ I admit

‘That’s just the first day baby’

‘Mom, I’m going need to catch my bus!’

‘Alright darling!’ she says and places a kiss on my forhead..

‘Bye mom!’ I yell when I walk outside..

Up to my new school!


*sarcastic happy face*  

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