It's my fault!


1. It's my fault

"Harry, I lo-"

Tears stained my cheeks as I looked at the monitor. Straight line. She's dead.

"No, no, no" I repeated getting up and touching her.

"Please you can't go I-I-I love you." I softly spoke to her as tears poured down my red face.

"I can't let you go! Please!" I held her hand crying.

I got up pacing back and forth

"She's not dead, she's not dead, she's not dead." I said shaking my head with my eyes closed.

"Harry? Mate, I'm so sorry." Liam said to trying to comfort me.

"IT'S MY FAULT!!!" I yelled. I'm sure everyone in London could hear me but I don't care! I had lost the love of my life.

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