Olivia Brown and the philosophers stone

Olivia has is a first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and she found out that Harry Potter was in her year too! She has known about Harry Potter for some time now, and really admires his story, and so she has decided to write about him in this book.


1. The first day of school!

Hi I'm Olivia Brown. I'm a normal 11-year-old girl, except for one aspect. I'm a witch. Not like a scary green lady, but a girl wizard. And it's my first day at Hogwarts. I can't wait! The train ride took forever, and so I'm not to happy about that, but I think that going to the feast made everything work out. And, I also found out which house I am in, but first, let me create a magical moment for you. Candles floating at the top of the ceiling, mashed potatoes and ham sitting on the table, 4 long stretched out solid oak tables. And then all of the first years had to line up at the front, and we let the sorting hat put us into houses. It was awesome! I remember exactly how it happened. I was the 5th person to be called up, and so the sorting hat was put on my head, and it shouted out in a second, GRYFFENDOR!!!!!!!! Everybody clapped and I ran over to the table that had the lion banner hanging over it. I was so exited! Once everybody was sorted into there house, they had the most delicious feast ever! It was a night to remember! It would be for everybody! 

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