The Sacred Artifact

five regular high school students find curiosity placing them in a very difficult spot. Upon encountering some strange girl, mysterious events begin to surround them. Murders, missing people, and some things that can't be explained logically. But exactly why are they happening?


1. Chapter 1

 Ian's house:

   *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* "....." *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* "Shit! I'm late! Fuck! Fuck!" Ian says as he struggles around and rushes downstairs. "How are you late? Didn't I tell you to go to bed early?" His father says questioningly. "What? Sorry, I'll be late if I don't hurry!" Ian says as he rushes out the door. "Ian, grab something to ea--" His mother yells as the door slams shut. "That boy, I don't know where he get's it." His father heaves a heavy sigh.  "Honey, you'll be late too if you don't hurry." "......!" "Haha, like father like son.."  

 At school:

 "And guess what he told me?!" Ellen whines to her best friend Alexandra. "....." Alex stands there uninterested. "Daddy told me that he was 'too' busy for me! I mean I'm his only child living with him right now! Annie left for some business trip~!" Ellen says still complaining to Alex as she mumbles, "You know all I asked was if your father said yes for you to go on the field trip with us..." Ian almost runs into them. "Oh, hi Alex! Hey Ellen! Well cya!" He says in a rush. "Yo..." Alex says as she and Ellen keep walking down the hall. "And guess what happened next?!" Alex sighs heavily.

 At baseball field:

  "Guys, move those feet! C'mon faster, faster!" Ryan shouts to his teammates. "Ryan, we have to get to class~! One of his teammates complain. "Don't worry, Ryan is always held responsible, along with the coach." Another teammate says as Ryan yells, "C'mon eyes on the ball!"  Ian laughs as he hears Ryan and his teammates.  "Almost there!" He says as he sprints through the halls of the school building. When he bumps into a security guard. "Please?! Jerry, my class is just at the end of this hall!" "Sorry Ian, but late is late. Besides, it's like 9:25."  "Damn, so so close!" He says as he's dragged to the office.

Counselor's office:

 "I swear to God I saw a ghost following me! It's trying to kill me or something, maybe even worse.... violate me!" Claude says.  "Claude, calm down you're acting crazy." The counselor says concerned. "Why does everyone think I'm crazy. I'm not crazy..." Claude says a little upset. "I'm sorry Claude, I didn't mean it..." She says loud and clear but mumbles, "God slip of the tongue....but you really are crazy"  Apparently it was loud enough for Claude to hear.  "I'm not CRAZY!" He shouts as he attacks the counselor. "Someone get security!" The secretary yells into the hall. A few seconds later two security guards come rushing in. "Not again, Claude..."  One of the guards say.  "Claude, I'm pretty sure the principal wants to talk to you...again..." The second guard says as they take him to the principal's office.


 "Ellen shouldn't you get to class?" Alex says a bit worried. "What about you?" "Touche smart ass. Besides, I don't want to go to chemistry class, I think I didn't get a 100 on the test, and that teacher will be on my case." Alex says upset.  "Haha! that was funny from last week. But you should've studied more, I mean that is your best subject."  Ellen says as she laughs hysterically. "That's not my fault! you called me at two in the morning!" Alex say frustrated.  "Well dad was ignoring me when I asked him for a favor! I mean I'm his daughter, family comes before anything....right?!" Ellen whines. "Ugh, here we go again..." Alex groans.  "Alex, Ellen really?" a security guard says.  "Let me guess, chemistry again?" Alex nods at the security guard.  "'re too friendly with them, it's like you're spoiling your own kid.." The security guard says concerned.  "It's not my fault..." says the security guard sheepishly. "Well...uhm off to the main office then?"


A/N: Ok so I decided to write a new story and I hope you guys like it, if you like please tell in the comments I'd like as much feedback as possible k bye love you

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