Nialls princess

This is my first time writing so please don't judge


1. chapter 1

My name is Aurora you probably recognize my name because I am a princess. The princess of England to be exact. I am 18.and in my free time I like to sing,dance,read,and hang out with my bff

My best friend is Niall horan. Yes the Niall horan from one direction. But Niall is more than the NIALL HORAN he is the only person in the world that I can talk about every thing with. But I am in love with Niall and have been sense he went on the ex factor and no I don't mean that I started loving him when he became famous. When he left I realized that with him gone I did not just lose a friend I lost the man I love

N= Niall


N: princes

A: yes ni;)

N: I have a surprise for u

A: what is that?

N: I am coming home for 3 months

A: yay Niall I can't wait to see u xxoo

N: gtg my Harry will not stop yelling at me for not letting him talk to you lol :)

(The day Niall comes home)

Aurora'a pov

I wait in the airport girls screaming the paps taking pics I thank god that know one sees me waiting for Niall I don't like getting attacked bye fans. Don't get me wrong I love all of nails fans.i got taken out of my thoughts as some girl screamed "I see Niall" I look up and see those beautiful blue eyes and get lost in them I finally break the trance and see that out of the 1000 of girls he is pushing threw all of them to get to me! And to my surprise as soon as he gets to me he is an amazane(see what I did there) he pulls me to the limo and we get in and go to my castle.the car ride was very strange we did not even talk we just listened to the music that was playing. He just stared at me the hole time. Have you ever walked into a class room in the middle of class and every one looked at you as if you just killed some one well that is how tense it was in that car

We got to the castle and Niall got a call and had to leave.he said good bye and handed me a box I look up from the box and he is gone. I open the box and there is a necklace with the letter N inside a heart and on the back of the necklace it says you are my princess in more than one way!

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